The Muse of Hollywood and the Human Agents of Lucifer

Pre-tribulation Rapture Heresy

The Academy Award

"Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And all will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. Then saith Jesus unto him; get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve." [Matt 4:8-10]

the demonic and hellish agenda of hollywood is is not hidden, they are in your face with what they are doing and who they worship. the hollywood star know when they have reached the desire of their heart went they are presented an idol of their god Osiris. the highly lust after golden image of their god. in the images idol images above, on the right is an idol of the god of egypt Osiris, on the left isanother god of egypy. in the center in the idol of the stars of hollywood, do you see any difference in the gods of egypt and the god of the hollywood stars?

Hollywood is a very seductive city; it is a place where one can find just about everything imaginable to draw one’s heart and attention away from God. I lived just north of Hollywood throughout most of the nineties and found it to be a truly beautiful place with much to do if one gets bored, there is a lot to see and do there. One of the main places I loved to go to was Universal Studios, it’s almost like something out of a dream, and it’s very much like a magical place. I can see how people can get caught up and lose themselves in this Wonderland; it’s almost like being in another world.

If this place had such a hypnotic effect on me I can’t imagine what kind of effect, it must have on those who are controlled by the evil powers that built and control this town of idol worshipers. In this satanic wonderland lies the means to seduce the whole world into Lucifer worship, they have become so bold now that they don’t even try to hide what they are doing anymore. Hollywood has become a puppet for the Gnostic Movement; the number of movies coming out of Hollywood with a Gnostic agenda is most amazing.

Play acting and spirit [Luciferian] possession of the actor goes way back in history, even Socrates knew of the demonic possession of the play actor, he describes it this way:

"In like manner, the Muse first of all inspires men herself…because they are inspired and possessed. They are simply inspired to utter that which the Muse impels them. For not by art or knowledge…do you say what you say, but by possession"

Who and what is this Muse that Socrates speaks of? According to Wikipedia:
The Muses (Ancient Greekk: Μοῦσαι, moũsai: perhaps from the o-gradee of the Proto-Indo-European root *men- "think"]) in Greek mythology, poetry and literature, are the goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science and the arts. They were considered the source of the knowledge, related orally for centuries in the ancient culture that was contained in poetic lyrics and myths." [Wikipedia]

Anyway, you cut it, it comes out as spirit possession, and this goddess that Socrates speaks of is a spirit, a spirit that takes possession of the actors and work through them. This Muse has an agenda of her own and uses the actor as a vehicle to further the cause of Lucifer. This Muse has been working down through history through those who lust after the idol worship that they receive as being gods. Now these actors are worshiped as gods, but this worship that the public is giving to these actors are actually being given to the Muse that has taken possession of the actor, which is the spirit of Satan. Those who worship these actors are actually worshiping Lucifer through the actor.

We hear of many artists, musicians, poets and writers claim that their creativity comes through cooperating with their personal Muse. Now a Muse can be a human being, like someone who was a well-known actor in the pass who has pass on. Now that actors who lust after the same fame and worship that the Muse before them received now calls on that Muse to come into their being and make of them what the Muse is. At this point the Muse enters into and takes possession of the actor, the actor and the spirit Muse becomes one and the actor is now demon possessed. What has caused this actor to become possessed by demons? It’s the spirit of Lucifer, the spirit that lust after worship, the worship that belongs only to God. The desire to be worship is what sends many actors into to the arms of Lucifer who promise to give them the world if they would only lead others to the worship of him.

The Muse that Socrates speaks of is not someone who has lived and died, but a fallen angel, a spirit that originated in heaven but fell into sin. This Muse is identified as the daughter of Zeus [Satan] it is claimed Zeus have nine daughters that were of one being in all things. If any of these Muses [daughters of Zeus] falls in love with a mortal man it is said that man’s problems are all over. These demonic daughters of Lucifer will even come in the night to make love to the man thereby consummating this hellish marriage of mortal man and demon of hell. Now the man desires what the Muse [Lucifer] desires, to be worshiped, because they are now one and in love. So, the love of God has no place in the heart of this man or woman who has fallen in love with their Muse.

For many years this contract with hell by actors and musicians had been hidden from the general public, but now the time is right for the world is ready to receive this type of demon possession as normal and a gift from the gods. People like Oprah who is very proud of her demons coming into her and working through her to further the cause of Satan and evangelizing the world for Lucifer. Oprah’s Muse go by the name of Sethe; here’s what she says concerning the demonic spirit or spirits that has possessed her:

"I tried to empty myself and let the spirit of Sethe inhabit me…Every morning, before my scenes, I lit candles and said the names of these slaves. I prayed every day to the ancestors".

Notice that Oprah does not pray to God, but to what she believes to be her ancestors, this is the very same worship that was practice in Africa which led to the slavery of the Africans [and I’m African American] just as the same spirit worship led to the Hebrews being punished with captivity. Oprah is leading her people back into slavery, and the worst kind of slavery!
There’s no doubt that Oprah is possessed by this demon, she admits this, the problem is that she has been deceived into believing that this spirit enters her being for the good of mankind, when it is actually designed for the destruction of man. Opera has fallen in love with her Muse so there can be no love in her heart for the God of the bible, she cannot serve two masters. All the power, fame and riches that Oprah now enjoy today did not come from any great talent of her own, it was a gift from Lucifer to evangelize the world for him.

Oprah is not alone in this welcoming demons into her being, just about all the so-called great actors of Hollywood are doing the same thing, but Oprah is the new world leader in evangelizing the world for Lucifer. Oprah says it’s impossible for there to be only one way to God and that there must be other ways to God besides going through the Son of God, Jesus the Christ. Oprah is turning those who follow her and her Muse into thieves and robbers, that’s what Jesus calls those who try to access heaven by any other means than through the Son of God! What Oprah is doing and teaching her followers to do is the same thing her lord Lucifer did, and that is to declare war on heaven and exalt their throne above the stars of God and take heaven by force. When Oprah denies that Jesus is the only way to the Father she leaves no doubt that it is her Muse [Lucifer] who has taken control of her.

One actor who I though was one of the very best actors of our times is Denzel Washington; I was amazed at his performance in his movie called “Training Day” where he played the part of a corrupt detective. After watching the movie, I commented on many occasions that I thought it was his best performance ever and that it was a class act. There was something in that performance that truly got my attention because to me it was just too real, he seems to really be the part he was playing. Well later I watched an interview of Denzel on Sixty Minutes where he explains how he was empowered to play the part to perfection. In the interview Denzel says he went down and consults the spirits and came up empowered to play the part, see the interview on you-tube:

Denzel claim to be Christian, but I can find nowhere in scripture where God instructs us to consults the spirits of any kind to empower us, notice he says the spirits, not the Spirit, the Holly Spirit, but the spirits, the very same spirits that Jesus says are deceiving the whole world. Space want allow for a complete exposure of all the known devil worshipers in Hollywood, but let’s look at a few more of these actors, these men and women people have made gods of.
The comedian, Robin Williams who is beloved by the American public says, "maybe there is no devil, it’s just God when He’s drunk" he even admits that he is possessed doing his performances:

"Literally you’re in its like possession...You just get this energy that start is possession, in the old days you would be burn for it, it’s like Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where you can become this other force." [Robin Williams]

Robin Williams says you can become this other force, this Muse, this evil spirit of Satan become the person that it inhabits and the person becomes Lucifer, this is the reason Mr. Williams can make the statement that God is a drunker. He has become the spirit of Lucifer himself! Once the Muse enters the person, the person’s hatred for the Lord grows deeper and deeper to the point to where they are consumed with slandering the name of the Highest God; this is the Muse that has consumed Robin Williams.

As I’m putting the finishing touch to this book an announcement is made on T.V. that Robin Williams is dead. The big thing is not that he’s dead because we all must die, but how it is believed he died. It is reported that the funny man who’s always full of laughs went into a deep depression. I’m not rejoicing in Mr. Williams’s death, but to show the end result of labeling God a drunkard. Remember, the goal of Muse is not just to whisper scripts to a Gnostic movie in the ear of the disciple, but it’s also for his or her destruction in the end.

If Mr. Williams did indeed take his own life it’s a terrible tragedy, and no Christian should take pleasure in his death. With the world at his fingertips, with all the money, with all the fame, with all the laughter he was a man tormented. You can’t go around slandering the Highest God and just live happily ever after. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul or what does a man get in exchange for his soul? He may get to spend this life in luxury, he may get to have the best things this life has to offer but at the end of this short life the man must pay the price of the bargain he made with Lucifer, the price is the soul, to spend time in hell with the Muse of Hollywood, the Star God Moloch! As the time gets closer to pay the cost of selling the soul a great depression can set in when one realizes just what it is he or she has done, it’s no longer a game.

Many people know in advance that the hour of their time has come, the time they thought would never come, they know that the time is approaching when they must give an account, and now was it all worth it for that fleeting moment as a god? I remember watching a late-night talk show when one of the singers of the Soul Group the Four Tops, I think it was Levi Stubbs who said on nation T.V. that Marvin Gaye told him he was about to die because he had not fulfilled a commitment. Now the guy didn’t go into details of what it was that Marvin failed to do, but I don’t think it’s that hard to figure out. Now I don’t believe that Marvin is somewhere in hell burning throughout all eternity because I do believe that Marvin was touched by God when he produced the "What’s Going On album." If Marvin was touched by God, if as I believe that the What’s Going On album was a gift from God to Marvin and Marvin accept, that would indicate that Marvin had contact with heaven at some point.

Marvin was my favorite performer for many years long before the What’s Going On album, but what I heard from that album leads me to believe that Marvin made a promise to use his talent to bring the Gospel of Christ to the world. I believe Marvin reneged on that promise, I expected Marvin to go gospel after the What’s Going On album, but the song he came back with shocked me. After producing gospel songs like Wholly Holy, God is Love, Mercy Mercy Me etc… after such beautiful gospel music he comes back with a song called "Sexual Healing!" I was stunned!

I met Marvin Gaye one morning about 3:00 am on Bourbon St in New Orleans, he and I and three body guards went into a bar, I had a Vodka and orange juice he had an orange juice. We talked a while; I got the feeling that he was a really nice person, after we talked a while and he finished his drink he departed the lounge. The very first song I heard after graduation from Marine Corps Boot Camp was Marvin’s song What’s Going On; after not hearing music for three months, it was a pleasure to hear such a beautiful song. When I bought the album, I was amazed and believed Marvin had been touched by God. I believe Marvin was supposed to go Gospel and failed to do so. But I never hear Marvin disrespect God, I never seen any indication of Marvin being involved in the occult, the worship of Lucifer!

This is just my observation! God have mercy on Mr. Williams whose Muse says God is a drunkard! Remember, Mr. Williams said he had become the Muse itself! The media is one sided in its handling of his death as to be expected, they love to show him in his funny mode, but the most important statement he made in his life, the media hides that, the man admitted to being demonically possessed! His words again:
"Literally you’re in its like possession...You just get this energy that start is possession, in the old days you would be burn for it, it’s like Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where you can become this other force." [Robin Williams]

The man says its possession; he goes on to say that in the old days you would be burned for it, its witchcraft. The man says you become saturated with this spirit of hell which loves to slander the name of the Highest God, Mr. Williams went on to prove that he was indeed saturated with the spirit of the Muse of Hollywood, the God of Hell, Moloch! Now the media will try to avoid this issue, why aren’t we hearing anyone quoting Mr. Williams words about himself being demonically possessed!

Now the claim is that he was suffering from early stages of Parkinson’s disease, they come up with everything except what the man himself said, he said he is demonically possessed and went on to prove it. The same Muse that whispered in the man’s ear and instructs him to slander the name of the Highest is the same Muse that whispered in his ear and led to destroy himself! This Muse does more than just whisper the words of a filthy Rapp Song in the ear of the disciple of Satan, it for the destruction of that disciple in the end, let Mr. Williams’s life be a testimony to all who would slander the name of the Highest God. Tell the whole story!
 If you are going to bring the man’s story before the public, bring the whole story, it’s important that we get the whole story because the lesson is in how a man that admitted he sold his soul to Satan lived and died. How a man once possessed by the Muse that hates God became a slander of God proving he had indeed become one with the Muse of Hollywood, the Star God Moloch, the God of Hell! This should be a lesson for all those who would commit blasphemy as Mr. Williams may have done, calling good evil and evil good, calling God the devil and the devil God, BLASPHEMY! I told you that once the Muse is finish with using his disciple to slander the name of the Highest he’s now marked for destruction, give me the whole story.

I'm not saying that Mr. Williams is somewhere burning in eternal flames, but if as he said that the Muse is he and he is the Muse, then there’s only one place for Mr. Williams to go and that’s to the Muse’s Kingdom. As it gets closer to the time when Lucifer comes to collect on the deal that was made people are sometimes given a glimpse of just what it cost them to gain the world, the situation begins to get really hopeless and depressing! It is appointed unto once to die, and then the judgment! I wonder if Mr. Williams like Marvin was given a glimpse of the things to come.

One thing I’ve notice about older people and even Christians is that they will condemn people like Oprah and push up their old heroes of the past like the Beetles and the god Elvis, [not saying that Elvis was a devil worshiper, but he is worshiped as a god to this very day] and many other older stars who are just as much devil worshipers as Oprah. One such star who was worshiped as a god is Robert Valentino; Valentino the so-called great lover is one of the early fathers of cinema and an American idol whose Muse was channeled through his wife Natasha:

"Every night Natasha would hold a séance, calling forth help from the spirit world in her creative undertaking. Then, pencil and paper in hand, she would go into a trance and start writing. After her outpourings were typed up they were brought to the set the next day and given to the director."

O’ how America worshiped this corrupter of youth, this man is no different than J.Z., Robin Williams is no different than Oprah, but yet we will condemn Oprah and see no problem with our children flocking to the theaters whenever Robin Williams comes out with a new movie.

While we concentrate our focus on the obvious Lucifer worshiper like Oprah, people like Robin Williams goes unnoticed because he makes us laugh and we tend to forget that he’s an agent of Lucifer. Knowing that this man has total contempt for the Lord, many Christians still see no problem with their children flocking to theaters to be entertained by this devil worshiper whose Muse says God is a Drunkard. If we condemn Oprah, we must condemn Robin Williams because both are of the same Muse.

Kevin Bacon (actor) "part of acting is to lose yourself in the moment to let the chaos of the muse come and just enter and happen organically, demons are under the surface as an actor you have to keep them bubbling"
Keanu Reeves (actor) "it’s hard to act in the morning when the muses are asleep.

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