The king solomon temple i was born into

Pre-tribulation Rapture Heresy

"And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and his disciples came to him for to shew him the buildings of the temple. And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down." [Matthew 24:1-2]

In this temple [King Solomon’s] I was born into were many false prophets, the reason I know this to be true is because I was lied to at a very early age by the one of prophets of this temple, the founder! One example, as I said in other articles, I only completed the six years of schooling and could not even read at the time of leaving school. Because I did not attend school very often I could not read very well, but I loved books [don't laugh y'all] I thought they would make me repeated the six-grade while all the others were preparing for graduation, getting their new suite and new shoes in preparation for the big event.

Well, most of the older people knew that in the 1950’s and 60s, in the ghetto schools of New Orleans hardly anyone was ever kept back in grammar school, because their main goal was to make room for the new classes to begin in the fall. Many saw me worry about the problem and some convinced me that I would not be kept back for that very reason. Now, this false prophet piggy-back on others explanation and created her very own prophecy from that.

They had this habit of calling everyone up for the laying on of hands, this is a very dangerous thing to do, do not allow anyone lay hands on you unless you are sure the person is truly of God, because evil spirits can be passed on from one to the other in this manner. Just as the Holy Spirit can be passed on by the laying on of hands, so can the unholy spirit. With the laying on of hands came always a prophecy that they claim came from the Holy Spirit.

This prophet, my grandmother called me up before everyone and prophesied to me and said that I would graduate, having already heard
from another that I would not be held back that year. She said:

"You will not be kept back this year, not only that you will not have to wear that old black suite of your brother’s you will get a brand new suite!" Then she slapped me on the back, and said: "So said the Holy Spirit!"

WOW! Me! A brand-new suite on my special day! I couldn’t wait to put on my new suite that God had promised me for my graduation day. Imagine my surprise as the days moved closer to my special day and I had no new suite. Had I been so bad that God kept my new suite?
For a long time, I wondered, what could have possibly gone wrong? Did not God promise this to me? They always taught me that God never breaks His promise, what could have possibly gone wrong? Will somebody please tell me, where is my brand new black suite?
It’s events like this that causes many to questions the truthfulness of God’s word, and even leads others to want to have nothing to do with God. This is serious business, saying The Holy Spirit of God told you to say something when He didn’t, every single lie told on The Holy Spirit of God must be accounted for!

There was definitely a spirit of someone or thing involved in many of the worship service because on many occasions I witnessed people screaming, passing out, running up and down the church trying to fight something off, and doing some very strange shouting. I’ve heard people speaking in tongues and wondered how could God speak through that so-called prophet? From time to time one of the prophets of this church that bears the name of the once anointed king of the Lord "First king Solomon’s Spiritual Temple" would get one prophecy right.

There were many false prophets and many drunkards in this temple! I would have been a drunkard member, but I had quite this temple much earlier. Now, many people came to my grandmother’s church thinking she could work magic spells and I think left disappointed because I don’t think she was smart enough to pull it off. I truly don’t believe to this day she ever realizes just what it was she was into; I think it blind-sided her.To be truthful, I still think it was the bible teaching in this temple that started me on my search for the truth. I felt that what they were teaching from the bible were true [there was some deviating from the truth] but the basic doctrine of the blood of Christ that saves and only in that blood is there any salvation at all, this doctrine they taught!

This is why I believe they believe themselves to be doing the will of the God of heaven. They were deceived by disobeying the clear instructions of the Lord of trying to make contact with the spirit world. Even though they basically taught from the bible, their walk did not follower the path the Word set before them. I must give an accurate account, if I don’t my mouth is going to give an accurate account in the judgment, were I have no control over it! There were many things that are contrary to God’s word that went on in this temple dedicated to King Solomon. I want detail each and every event because that is not needed here, but I do need to bring a few things out to be able to give an accurate account, because if I don’t, my mouth is going to rat me out in the judgment!

Now the pastor of this temple dedicated to King Solomon was the founder’s son, my uncle, this Rev… would feed alcohol to minors on Friday and Saturday nights, and get drunk with them, and turn around on Sundays and preach to the same minors that he defiled, he would preach to them of the evils of their sinful lifestyle. There are many terrible things this so-called man of God did besides being a drunkard preacher, but I’ll just give one more account here of his actions and you be the judge. I was living in California when I got a call from my uncle, in New Orleans, the Rev and Pastor of First King Solomon Spiritual Temple informing me that my brother had been beaten and stabbed to death.

I always lived in fear of getting that call one day, even though I think I always knew this day was coming still it hurt to know that my brother had died such a violent death. When I got to New Orleans I could not believe the jubilation he seems to feel at the word of his sister’s son being dead! But that’s nothing compare to the trick he tried to pull to keep from spending part of the money of the insurance policy his nephew left with them. After coming to an understanding that this is a New Orleans tradition of the loss that I had almost forgotten about, this rejoicing at the destruction of what appears to be a damned soul, a tradition of loss souls, I began to except that this is what he loved the most while he lived, parties and celebrations after deaths. I know the Lord said that one’s death can be better that the day one is born. But this celebration goes way beyond that, this celebration is demonic. Now, this is the way the loss celebrates their victory over a fallen son of God!

This is to be expected! But not from one claiming to be sent of God who should realize the loss of one soul is worth more than everything in the world, and the pain it is to the Lord. This pastor of "First King Solomon Spiritual Temple" who loved to be called "The Reverent…" was put in charge of the funeral arrangements. Well his son was left in charge but he wasn’t capable of transacting any type of business on that level. There’s no doubt that the good reverent placed himself in charge! The insurance policy was left in the good reverend’s son’s name. They tried to buy me off; they tried to silence me to the evil of what they were doing. All I asked the good reverent to do was to do what Jesus would do under similar circumstances, do the right thing, take part of the money from the insurance policy and give his sister’s son a proper burial. His word was "Let the state bury that n%$#’s ass!" His intentions were to give the Funeral Home just enough money to stage a fake viewing of an empty casket. The body was never picked up from the morgue. The problem that this fake preacher had was that he is not very bright, he was trying to get the director to help in his deception, but the director was a friend of my brother, they worked that funeral home together for years.

For whatever reasons the director played along with the pastor of "First King Solomon Spiritual Temple" but either he or my uncle turned the casket away from the viewing public and facing the wall. I didn’t notice this, but my brother’s fathers notice it and commented on it after the viewing service. We had already concluded that his sister’s son’s body was not in that casket. We returned the next day and I asked the director, my brother’s friend, where is my brother’s body? The director threw both his hands in the air and said: "I told your uncle that I wanted nothing to do with any of this!" He just confirmed what I already knew, that the good reverent and pastor of "The Synagogue of Satan" was behind this whole devilish scheme to deprive another of a right he paid for while he was living, to be put away properly. What would Jesus have done under the same set of circumstances?

I’m not saying these things to hurt anyone, but I am trying to keep as many people as possible from being hurt by this branch of the occult that bears the name of the once anointed king of the Highest God! King Solomon! How can I give an accurate account if I don’t tell the story? This lying prophet and pastor of This Synagogue of Satan "King Solomon’s Spiritual Temple" hated his nephew’s guts. Yes, this synagogue was full of hate and resentfulness! The reason the good reverent hated his sister’s son was because he found out later in life that she; his mother loved her grandson more than she loved him, her only son! This was not just his imagination playing tricks on him; there was nothing she loved more than her "Beautiful Black Indian" my brother. This problem this pastor was having was that she, his mother had made a god of him, and then he realizes she had placed another god before him.

This is not me trying to destroy those who I think may have wronged me, but an indictment of the rulers of the "Synagogue of Satan" that I was placed in at birth. Now I’m not judging anyone of burning in an eternal flame, I’ll let God be the judge of that, but I must report and give an accurate account of the things I witness there because if I don’t my heart will spill all out through my mouth when it gives an accurate report to its creator, so I better get it right here and now! I and everyone else who were involved in that church were messed-up because of the spirits being passed from one to another by the laying-on-of hands, a very dangerous thing!

I truly ask God to forgive all those in this temple and all satanic temples around the world who were deceived, but to Lucifer and his band of hoodlums who willfully deceive may God judge them, not me, but God! I’m just covering a few major problems with this temple, but the lists of violations are almost endless. This drunkard preacher and pastor of First King Solomon’s Spiritual Temple, who defiled minor with his alcohol, among many other evil things, he would even turn on his own mother who had even made a god of him, all for the sake of money plus the hatred in his heart for her grandson, his only sister’s son. The ruler of this temple, the founder, my grandmother, divided this family from the start, first a line was drawn between her only daughter and only son. Whenever my mother would fall and get drunk and missed service she was called some of the most terrible names one could think of. She was the lowest of the low! My mother was the pianist for the worship service; with her not their worship service was missing a lot.

Now when the good reverent took off from preaching because he was suffering from a hangover, or they had a very important football game on TV, all kinds of excuses were made for his absences. A friend of the family decided he had had enough of the sinful life, he was going to become a Christian and join the Church, was he in for a big surprise. He would hear over and over how low-down my mother was for getting drunk and missing service, and never hearing anything about the good reverent and preacher missing service for getting drunk and leading minors to do the same! This family friend who had had his fills of this whole masquerade decided to do something about it. This family friend would prove to all who would listen that this preacher put drinking and football before his service to God and man.

This new seeker [the family friend] realizing that the good Reverent Pastor was not going to show up for this Sunday’s service decided to see for himself just what was causing the good Rev… to miss today’s service. The new seeker left the temple and walk the few blocks to the good reverend’s house and found just what he expected to find; the good reverent with legs crossed whiskey bottle in hand enjoying the play-off football game.

I watched as this family friend tried to become a believer, I watch as he went through the process that many would have found to be too much. The new seeker went back into the world, who knows what terrible effect this incident may have had on the new seeker; he may have even given up on God because of the deceit of the rulers of First King Solomon’s Spiritual Temple! This good preacher would get even with his mother for putting another god before him. As time passed my grandmother realized that she could not live under the same roof with the grandson [her Beautiful Black Indian] any longer, her god had become too hard to live with because of his constant drunkenness and causing disturbances in the house. One day she, my grandmother came to me and said, Roy please get me out of this house! She was ready to give up the home that she loved so much just to get away from one who she had made a god of. I knew a lady from the area who was just getting started with her home care service for the elderly, and it would not cost her the entire checks she was receiving from my grandfather’s military service.

This area woman would take really good care of my grandmother; she would take her out in the car to anywhere she wanted to go. My grandmother really loved this place because she found peace there, and could also keep an eye on her "Beautiful Black Indian" and made sure he had things he needed. She still loved my brother very much; she just couldn’t live with him. When the good Reverend and Pastor found out what was happening he was angry, he went and removed his mother from the care of this caring person and placed her in an old folk’s home, a place where they place you in a corner somewhere and forget about you. In this endeavor, he would kill two birds with one stone. First, he would get his hands on her checks, and as a bonus, he would separate her from the god she had put before him.

When I think of all the wrong he did to one who made a god of him, I think the thing that hurt her the most was that she could no longer keep an eye on my brother and see that he had whatever he needed. Once the good reverend placed his mother in that place she never uttered another word again [for about seven years]. The doctors said there was nothing wrong with my grandmother’s vocal cords or anything, she just refused to talk anymore. This went on from about Christmas time; from 1988 to 1995 she never spoke! The good reverend had accomplished his goal of getting his hands on his mother checks and at the same time separating her from the nephew that he hated with such great passion. In 1995, she was informed that my brother had been beaten to death. Hearing this news ended it for her; she died two about weeks after hearing of the death of her "Beautiful Black Indian"

After there was no one left, once he destroyed his mother, and rejoiced at the destruction of his sister’s son, he would now turn his anger toward me. This preacher is a slanderer, he like Satan, accused the brothers’ day and night before the Lord! After my grandmother was taken to the Old-Folks Home I stayed there at the residents of First King Solomon’s Spiritual Temple for about a month. I informed my brother that I wouldn’t be staying there any longer and that I was going to get another life, he said go and do what you got to do, I’ll see you. I left that place in January of 1988 and never returned until about until about 1993. Somewhere around 1993 I really wanted to see my old neighborhood so I took a trip from Houston to New Orleans, I was just happy to be back even if it was just for a little while to remember what it was like growing up there. I was excited, but to my surprise, when I turned the corner to take a look at my old home there was nothing there.

Every other house was still on the block but there was no trace or any indication that First King Solomon Spiritual Temple had ever been there. All that was there was an empty lot, it suffered the same faith as the original Temple, there was not one stone left on top of another, there was nothing left of this temple, it suffered the faith that all Temples to King Solomon must face:

"And as he went out of the temple, one of his disciples saith unto him, Master; see what manner of stones and what buildings are here! 2 And Jesus answering said unto him, Seest thou these great buildings? There shall not be left one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down" [Mark 13:14]
                                           It’s All About king Solomon and the Temple he built and Corrupted
Remember, it was this temple that was stolen from the Son of God, not some holy temple at Rome, or some gentile city, but God’s Throne on earth, the temple at Jerusalem, King Solomon’s Temple! It’s all about King Solomon’s Temple and who’s right it is to rule mankind from that throne. This throne in Jerusalem is where Lucifer is now seated and exulted. This is Lucifer’s version of seating himself in the sides of the north, where he exults his throne above the stars of God.

Lucifer knowing, he has lost the war with heaven and is now out to cause as much destruction to God’s creation as possible before his march toward world domination is ended. But one thing Lucifer will do is get the worship of the world of mankind that he lusted after, even though it will be for only a short period of time. Do you think that Lucifer would let another evil being by the name of Satan mount that throne at this time in history and claim the glory that Lucifer has given so much for? It will be Lucifer himself who will mount the temple throne and declare himself to be God. Before Lucifer can mount the throne, he must united the world under his banner, he must make the world bow before him.

To do this he must go back and complete the construction of the Tower of Babel, the United Nation, and the nations that God separated, Lucifer will reunite and lead them in its march toward war with God.

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