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Pre-tribulation Rapture Heresy

                                                           The Feminist Movement and the Feminizing of Man
Let me state from the beginning that not all women who are associated with the Feminist Movement are there to feminize and castrate men, but that element is there and has taken control of power. 

“Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” [Genesis 3:16]
 Many Christians who claim that the entire bible is inspired of God reject this part of the word of God that command the man to rule over the woman.

Are you offended in this command of the Lord? Before you reject the Word of God on this point, maybe we should try to get a better understanding of why God would demand that man should not allow the woman to rule him. If God commanded the man to rule over her, He must have had His reason for this. It was the woman who was so easily deceived by Lucifer into breaking God’s law:

“And the man said, the woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.” [Genesis 3:12]

“And the LORD God said unto the woman, what is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, the serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.” [Genesis 3:13]

Look at the order of events; first evil entered the Garden of Eden in the form of Lucifer [Satan] from there this evil entered the woman, from that point she was the servant of Satan, and she served his purpose perfectly. So now these two conspired to cause the man’s fall, notice Adam did not blame Lucifer, but he blamed the woman for his fall. It seems God also blamed the woman, because he asked the woman, “what is this thou hast done?”  Adam is not blameless in this, but the conspirators were Satan and the woman;

the woman, the man’s weakness! Now the woman is God’s greatest gift to man, except for the Son of God, but she can also be his undoing. Kings have been knocked off their thrones because of weakness for women. The anointed King Solomon turned to devil worship and built temples to devils and angered the Lord who had appeared to his twice, all because of the women in his life. The anointed King David committed murder because of his lust for a woman, so he was not allowed to build the Temple of the Lord because of this sin. The power of a woman over a man is great, when Adam obeyed the voice of the woman instead of the voice of his God, that was an act of worship to the woman.

Even in many men’s proposer of marriage to a woman he kneels before her, he’s either in a position of beggar or worshiper, anyway it goes he places himself below her or in a submissive position, from the start she rules over him. Whose voice one listen to and obey, that one becomes his or her master, so now the woman has gained mastery over the man, but God warned the man to rule over her. By Adam disobeying God he created a terrible thing; the worship of the woman. It would be this worship of the woman that would be man’s undoing in these end-times.

Man sins against the woman; God intended that man should rule over her in love, but the sexual lust in man for her caused man to abuse her, but he’s in a pickle, he abuses her and yet he worships her. The woman, being the more conning of the two, though she in physically weaker than he, would use her [not all women] conning to in the end feminize and castrate him. Seeing as how she is the physically weaker of the two, she must make the man weak, she must soften his manhood, she must feminize him. We will get more into the feminization of man later, but for now, let’s return to the beginning.

Let me again state that not all women are out to feminize the man and destroy his manhood, but there is the opposite of the feminized man which is the masculine woman. This masculine woman hates man because she is not man, this masculine woman is known as the lesbian. She is an abomination before God, she not only hates man, but she has even more hatred for the masculine God who created the man in his image and did not create her as a man. This hatred for man and God started long before God called Abraham out to father a people for himself. In fact, this is the very God hating goddess worshiping demonic religion that God called Abraham to separate himself from.

Abraham was born and raised in Ur of the Chaldees, which is in modern Iraq, near Nasiriyah in the southeastern part of the country, Abraham and his father served other Gods. -Joshua 24 :2. In Ur, the goddess that Abraham and his father worshiped was Nanna, the moon god. There were great temples and monuments erected to this moon god Nanna, around 2100 B C Ur-Nammu built and dedicated the great Ziggurat to Nanna. Even today we are hearing more and more grand-children calling their grandmothers Nanna. There were many gods worshiped in Ur, but the goddess Nanna ruled supreme, the god above all gods, because she was seen as the source of fertility for herds and crops and the blessing of families.

So, from the time Adam bowed to Eve and did an act of worship to her by obeying her voice instead of the voice of God, man has been worshiping the woman ever since, in the physical and in the spiritual as his god. Now I’m not saying that Adam continued to worship Eve, but that sin of Adam opened the door of worship of the woman, the woman God said he was to rule. This woman that the man has now become to worship is known by many names, but it’s the same demon that hates him and God. In different countries at different times in history she is known by different names. She is known as:  Aphrodite [Greek] Arianrhod [Celtic] Bast [Egyptian] just a few names this file demon is known by.

“In ancient Rome, the galli (galloi in Greek, Latin singular gallus), translated as both "cocks" and "Galatians," were castrated priests of Cybele, the Asian Mother Goddess, and of the Syrian goddess Atagartis. They were named after the river Gallus, whose waters supposedly drove people crazy but also helped purge them. The cult of Cybele was widespread, like that of Dionysus. People other than the galli, such as priestesses and musicians and other adherents, participated in the mystery rituals of the cult, which included role-playing and inducing states of ecstasy, but only the galli were officiants. The many-faceted literary evidence presents the galli as figures of unmanliness for having abdicated male cultural responsibility. As Craig Williams notes, "Castration is an extreme instance of a conceptual all-ornothing tendency that pervades Roman texts: softening a male constitutes a direct infringement upon his masculine identity." Moreover, since they adopted women's clothing and seemed to prefer the receptive role in anal intercourse (in violation of the rigid Roman gender system), the galli are an important factor in the history of gender and sexuality as well.”  [Nikolai Endres]

This Cybele, the Asian Mother Goddess is the very same Nanna the father of Abraham worshiped, she hates manly men and all men who completely submits to her, she will defile in the worst way. It is this same evil spirit that is worshiped in the Church of Rome to this day, now she is known as Mother Mary, queen of heaven. To this very day she castrates her priest and perverts them sexually. She tells her priest that it forbidden for them to ever have sexual relationships with women, they are not allowed to marry. Now she has many young priest, young men going years with a female sexual contact, something has got to give. This evil spirit called the queen of heaven know its pretty must impossible for a man to go through life without having sexual desire, if he’s a man at some point he will desire a woman.

Now she doesn’t mind him having sex, just not with a woman. They can have sex with each other or with little boys. Notice that just about all the cases of Catholic priest molesting children is with boys, and very few girls.

So, throughout the history of the world, this file sexually pervert spirit has continued its assault on manhood, this evil spirit didn’t just inhabit men, it also inhabit women. It must inhabit women because it would use women [the lesbian movement] as its final assault on manhood, it would be the woman who would play the major role in feminizing the man. The goal of the Feminist Movement:

In her book, Woman’s Guide: Reading Toward a Feminist Theology, Rosemary Radford Ruether states:

“It is to the women that we look for salvation in the healing and restorative waters of Aquarius. It is to such a New Age that we look now with the hope as the present age of masculism succeed in destroying itself.”

It’s right that women should demand the right to be treated equal, I can understand their anger at being mistreated by their man, but they have no right to alter God’s creation in the name of revenge. God created the man to be masculine and the woman to be soft and feminine, to reverse the order is a terrible sin before God. Let’s look at how the feminist movement is going about this:
 The Diabolically Game of the Feminist Movement; the Plot!

As stated earlier, in order for the feminist to overthrow the he-man, the she-man, the lesbian, the masculine woman, must soften the he-man, make him womanlier; role reversal. I told you she is the more conning of the two. The she-man has convinced the he-man that women desire a more sensitive man, a more feeling man, a man more in touch with his feminine side. And it’s working to perfection, have you ever notice how easily men breakdown and cry in this New Age of what they call, the Age of Aquarius? Many times, in times of adversity it’s the women who have to be strong for the men.

As so beautifully stated in “inplainsite” website:

“The tenth lie of feminism is that women would enjoy the feminization of men. Feminist believed that the only way to achieve equality of the sexes was to do away with role distinctions. Then they decided that that wasn’t enough: society had to do away with gender distinction, or at the very least blur the lines. Women embraced more masculine values, and men were encouraged to embrace more feminine characteristics. That was supposed to fix the didn’t. As men tried to be “good guys” and accommodate the feminist demands, the culture saw a new type of man emerge: sensitive, nurturing, warmly compassionate, yielding. The only problem was that this “soft man” wasn’t what women wanted. Women pushed men to be like women, and when they complied nobody respected them. Women, it turned out, wanted to be the soft ones—and wanted men to be strong and firm and courageous; they wanted a manly man. When men start taking on feminine characteristics, they are just wimpy and unmasculine, not pleasing themselves or the women who demanded the change. There is good reason that books and movies with strong, masculine heroes continue to appeal to such a large audience. Both men and women respond to men who fulfill God’s design for male leadership, protection, and strength.” []

The she-man or wanna-be man knew this, because under that possessed spirit, she’s still a woman, but she has convinced the real woman that this will bring her equality. When in reality, she knows the women will come to despise that weak man, so now the she-man can move right in and take his place. I saw this play out on one of the investigative documentary on television. There was this young couple who were very much in love, they started having tough times financially, the husband could not find work, the wife did find a good job but in another city. But her new job still didn’t pay enough to pay for day care for the children, so until the father could find a decent job, it was decided that he would stay home and play Mr. mom, and take care of the children while the wife be the bread-winner. He had become feminized, he had become a he-she. Now there’s nothing wrong playing that role if circumstances dictates this for a time, but to fall in love with this unmanly role is not natural to manhood. 

The woman who had once love him so much now despise him because he had become the weaker of the two sexes. She despised him so much that she kicked him out of the house, she told him to not take anything out of that house, nothing! Well, when he did move out he took some mixing bowls, he saw these items as belonging to him since he did all the cooking. She got so angry when he took the bowls that she hired one of her employee to break into her husband’s apartment and steal the bowls and return them to her. She filed for divorce, in the settlement the judge ordered her to pay her husband alimony because she had afforded him a lifestyle he had become accustom to. Well, if you think she got angry about the mixing bowls, just imagine how angry she got to have to pay alimony to one she so despises.

She hired the same person she got to break into his house and steal the bowls to murder her husband, they took his body and placed it in a barrel, filled it with acid and hid it in a self-storage locker where his body was eaten up by the acid. In the end, his becoming weaker then the wife who once loved him so much led to the destruction of three lives and caused the children to have to live without parents.
The feminist, Naomi Goldenberg, in her book Changing of the Gods, states:

“the feminist movement in western culture is engaged in the slow execution of Christ and Yahweh…it is likely that as we watch Christ and Yahweh tumble to the ground, we will completely outgrow the need for an external God.”

In the process of feminizing the man, one of the things necessary is to destroy his rule over his house, his home, and this is taking place before our very eyes. Its no secret that most homes, even those with the father there, it’s the woman or women who rules the home. As an example; I can’t believe most fathers are alright with their wives and daughters parading up and in front of men and young boys half naked. Skirts so short that they must sit in awkward positions to keep their private parts from being exposed to the world. His little princess and beloved wife raising sexual desire in the men and boys who watch them exposing their nakedness to the world. Dad sit there and say nothing and allow this to go on because he don’t want to offend his wife who now rule over him. Next, he sits silent as laws are enacted which allows grown men to have the right to use the same public restroom as his thirteen-year-old daughter.  All of this is the result of Adam worshiping instead of ruling over his wife and home. This is all satanic, the expressed intended destruction of Christ and Yahweh and the obvious hatred for manhood, it’s all satanic.

The Take Down

Because of man’s sin and disobedience to God and man’s abuse of the woman, he’s now paying for his sins, as we see the abusers, men in very high positions of power are now helpless as the abused rise to power to destroy him. Because of Adam’s disobedience to God to rule over her in love women in the USA is in the process of taking control of the government to truly rule over him. It is the feminist movement who is most responsible for the woman’s rise to power, do you believe that once in full power they will not institute their stated goal; the destruction of Christ and Yahweh and manhood? The file sexually pervert spirit has even entered the pulpit of many churches:

Mary Daly who claims to be Christians feminist says this about traditional Christianity:
“To put it bluntly, I propose that Christianity itself should be castrated.”

Who is Mary Daly?

Mary Daly (October 16, 1928 – January 3, 2010 was an American radical feminist philosopher, academic, and theologian. Daly, who described herself as a “radical feminist lesbian” taught at Jesuit run Boston Collage for 33 years. Daly retired in 1999, after violating University policy by refusing to allow male students in her advanced women’s studied classes. She allowed male students in her introductory class and privately tutored those who wanted to take advanced classes.” [Wikipedia]

This woman who had so much hatred for God and man was educated in the schools of the so-called queen of heaven; The Collage of Saint Rose, The Catholic University of America and Saint Mary’s College, and for 33 years she was allowed to spread this filth about Christ and Jehovah and the man in His image, just think of the many minds she has corrupted and caused to blaspheme God. These are the leaders of the Feminist Movement and their stated goal is the destruction of Christ, Jehovah and manhood. Christian sisters, are you sure you want to look to this file spirit for your salvation?  

Judith Christ of Nazareth, the Gospels of the Bible, Corrected to Reflect That Christ Was a Woman, E [the new bible] published by L B I (Law & Business Institute):

“And Joseph went to Bethlehem. To be enrolled with Mary, his wife, who was then pregnant. And she brought forth her firstborn child. And her name was chosen to be Judith." [Luke 2: 4-5, 7, 21]
“And She bearing her cross, went forth into a place called the Place of a Skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha; There they crucified her, and two others with her, on either side one, and Judith in the midst.” [John 19:17-18]
’m not against women demanding their rights, no more than I, being a black man could be against the “Black Lives Matter” movement, but I can’t help noticing that an evil element had inserted itself into what is a righteous movement. This evil element has not entered only these two movement, but even the church itself, the black person who can’t call out the evil that has inserted itself into the “BLM” or the woman who can’t see the evil intent of the feminist movement or what it has become can claim to be Christians and love God, but their actions proves otherwise. Especially in the feminist movement where their stated goal is to castrate Christianity, even replacing the Father and the Son with women. We can’t love any movement more than we love God!  

Because of man’s worship of the women he’s even allowed himself to be publicly humiliated parading up and down in pink feminine colors to show support for the movement. Why can’t I support the woman’s right without wearing her cloths? Are white people to show up at “BLM” movements in “black face” to show support for the movement? No, that would be an insult to the movement, so for a man to wear women cloths to a women’s rally should be an even greater shame because it goes against his manhood. It just another part of the process of softening, feminizing and castrating the man who’s in God’s image. Now, for any Christian to get angry at me for exposing this evil element in the feminist movement, or attempting to explain this verse of scripture that even the church has come to despise “and he shall rule over thee” must ask yourself; how much do I love the word of God, which parts will I reject when it doesn’t fit with my world view?

Now, am I a bigot because I quote scripture that the world has come to hate? Or is this the Word of God? Love for God and His Word must take first place in our lives.

                                            “AND HE SHALL RULE OVER THEE” [Genesis 3:16] KJV


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