My UFO Encounter

On the morning of July 12, 2011, 1:30 A.M. I was editing an article I had published a year earlier titled "The NIV Bible Strikes Jesus from Their Version". I decided to take a break and go outside and sit on my patio, I must have sit there for about 15 minutes when suddenly what appeared to be a meteorite or as some people it call a shooting star streaked across the sky. It was a bright white orb or sphere, my first though was that it was so large that was going to do a lot of damage when it struck the earth. Just then it came to almost a complete stop right in front of me.

I was stunned at its maneuverability, how it went from falling toward the earth at hundreds or even thousands of miles per hour to an almost complete sudden stop and changing direction, at this point I knew without a doubt that this was no shooting star. As it slowed down in front of me, at what appear to be just above the tree line, I would say about hundred feet in the air. I got a good look at it, inside was the most brilliant white light. I never saw anyone or thing inside but this brilliant white light and beautiful white clouds, but I got the impression it was control by some intelligent being.

Now the light inside the sphere did not light up the outside around it, like when you look at a full moon. The full moon lights up the area around the moon, the light in this orb contained all the light within itself and didn’t light up the surrounding area that’s one of the things I found so amazing. Although it was an orb, from its maneuverability I reasoned that this was some type of intergalactic, or other worldly transport system. What I saw was not of this world! This was not a man-made object!

After it made sure that I got a good look at it, it went toward the north, around the building where I live and out of my sight. I didn’t try to follow it or try to see where it was going I just sit there amazed. When I saw this, I was not in some trance or hypnotic state of consciousness. I was taking a break from writing, I was fully awake. I had been trying to figure out if it was friend or foe. The one thing I did know is that it wanted me to see it, another thing I do know is that I didn’t go looking for UFO’s, I tried to stay as far away from the UFO phenomenal as possible because the bible warns of trying to make contact with spirit beings, and what I witness was definite of the spiritual order and not of this world!

An angel of the LORD or an angel of Satan, I just didn't know at the time. I could have jump to the conclusion that this was sent from heaven, and it still may have been. But, it could have been also Satan, that evil spirit that keep transforming himself into a being of light, I just didn't know at the time. I do believe that this and some of the other things that I am experiencing have a lot to do with the things I write about, things that have Lucifer and his angel very upset. What I thought may be the cause of this being/spiritual vehicle showing up is the fact that I had decided to take that particular spot on my patio and turn it into my prayer spot for early morning reflection and prayer.

I do believe that we must find a place in the home where we do nothing but pray in that spot, that spot is to be keep holy. The one thing that Lucifer and his angels are afraid of is a praying Christian, they will do anything to stop a Christian from praying. My first thought was that it was sent to scare me off from that early Morning Prayer spot, then I realized that at no point was I ever afraid. I was just caught up in what I was witnessing. I know that many will say that I imagine it or that I was in some kind of trance state or some kind of alter state of consciousness.

I know that I was not in some kind of trance because I am very familiar with the trance state. I have been entering the trance state all my life, I remember as a young child I would try to explain something and would ask an adult a question something like this: you know when you are in between being asleep and awake you know you are asleep because you hear yourself snoring and at the sometime hear everything going on in the house where you are asleep? Everybody I tried to talk to about it came up with the same answer, they were either asleep or awake, none of that in between stuff. So, I stopped asking people about it, but it continued throughout my life so I’m well aware of the trance state, I was not in a trance state, I was fully awake.
If any of this is a fabrication I will have to give an account of my action in the judgment when I stand before the Lord Christ Jesus.

After praying for God to show me the meaning of what I had experienced, [the UFO] it came to me what I was truly consumed by when this phenomenon occurred. I had planned to publish a number of paper publications examining the doctrine of salvation and damnation, and other articles. I had already decided the name and heading of the cover page. I called it the:
“Bright and Morning Star”

I had designed the cover page and all systems were go. I went out and bought a scanner, printer, and copy combination. From the first of July until about the 11th I was beating my head against the wall trying to figure out how put it all together. That scanner gave me the blues! Now I’m a technical person I’ve explored the electron the atom and T.V. electronics, I should not have had any have had problem operating this scanner, there was something unearthly about that whole experience. So after ten days of frustration I finally got it all figured out to perfection.

It is at this time that the star shot across the sky and stopped in front of me, actually it shot pass me. Just as it was about to go over the horizon, it began to spin. At this point it was a ball of pure white light spinning back toward me. I had forgotten all about Bright and Morning Star Publications, because from the time I saw what I saw it was all I could think about day and night, literarily! I think what I saw had something to do with Bright and Morning Star Publications.

The other thing that was on my mind was the fact that I felt that I was all alone in world [at that time] and have no family, and now because of my stand for truth and righteousness some people around me don’t like me I get all kind of dirty looks. Even many Christians are angry at me. Even though I write a lot about the Masons I really didn't realize just how many Masons and Eastern Stars [female Masons] that was surrounded by at the time. Satan tried to fill me with fear to silence me, but now I no longer feel that I’m all alone in this this world I now know that I have the power of heaven behind me. What can man do to me?

The other thing I was consumed by. There are two major articles of the first publication one is on The Holy Trinity the other is Does the Bible Teach of Eternal Torment. Now I went over the two articles over and over just to make sure that I did not change the Word of God in explaining these things. The one the thing that I do not want to be charged with when I stand before the LORD is adding or taking away from His Word. Because the lord has already told us in Revelation what will happen to those who in the pride of their own knowledge change the Word of God, He said they twist the Word of God to their own destruction.

I did not go over the article about The Holy Trinity very much because after checking it out a few times there was no doubt in my mind that throughout Holy Scripture the Holy Trinity is taught. Anyone who can’t see that is spiritually blind. But as far as eternal torment is concern I read it over and over. There was one sticky point that I kept coming back to:
"And the worm dieth not!"  [Mark 9:48]

I knew I could not look past that verse of scripture as if it didn't exist. Here we have a problem, if what the eternal torment theorist teach that the worm of Mark 9:48 means the soul, then what the atheist say about the bible contradicting itself would be true.

“Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine:

"The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” Eze 18:4].

"The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.” [Eze 18:20]

There’s no question of the meaning of Eze 18:4, it states clearly that the soul that sinneth will die. And if by chance you didn’t get it the first time, the same message was repeated in Eze 18:20 just to drive home the point. It’s like God already knew that statement that the worm die not would cause problems for some. So, it’s impossible for the worm of Mark 9:48 to be the soul of man which will die if it continues in sin.

So, the worm must be something other than the soul of man. The Holy Bible does not contradict itself, man without the aid of the Holy Spirit in interpreting it is what causes the problem. The problem is that people take what was meant as a metaphor and apply it literally when interpreting scripture.

Metaphor = figurative language: all language that involve figures of speech or symbolism and does not literally represent real things.
These are the things I was consumed by when the star showed up in my back yard, it was a time when I really needed to hear from heaven. Now I’ve heard from heaven before like when my mother was dead and buried before I knew anything about it. It was at this dark hour in my life that the LORD showed up and I experience the New Birth. It was usually at a point of some type of crises that He showed powerfully in my life. Like the time I got a call from my cousin in New Orleans, I was living in California, I picked up the phone she said hello Roy, sit down because I have some bad news for you, she said your brother is dead. She said they beat him to death, they beat him, stabbed him multiple times, and broke some bone in him. This is my only brother, my mother had only two children.

All I could think about was how he was probably calling for help and I was not there to help him. You think all sorts of things at time like that, after they buried him I stayed in New Orleans for a while. I felt helpless, what do I do? One morning I just started walking, I walked about 10 blocks from the place where I was staying to Audubon Park. I sat by a small body of water, after much thinking I decided that would return to this spot every morning to seek the Lord.

After about two or three weeks of going to that prayer spot, God gave me a vision of me in a chariot pulled by two horses, now the chariot, the horses, the whip I had in my hand and I myself was made of fire, everything was ablaze and yet I felt no pain from the fire. He was showing me that everything I was experiencing was for a reason, for His divine purpose, and that He had a job for me to do. This is one of the reasons that I believe that what I’m doing was appointed unto me before I was even born.

See chapter titled "Mark of the Beast". The reason I took you through all of this is to show you how God would always show up in my life at times of crises. He never showed up all willy-nilly just to play games with me, it was always for a purpose. I knew that if that star kept showing up every night bouncing around playing mind games with me, like some of the reports I hear from other people, I would know it was not from the Lord. The Lord does not play games, when He shows up it’s for business!

It had serviced its purpose, there was no need for it to keep showing up and playing games in the sky. I no longer felt that I was alone in this world, all fear was gone, it may never show up again, or if it does it will be for a particular purpose, not to play games. Now if I had been going out there every morning looking for another manifestation I would have been guilty of breaking the law. The Lord said an adulterous nation keep seeking after a sign, as we see many people do after witnessing something similar to what I witness.

This is where many people set themselves up for deception, after witnessing something like I did, instead of going to the Lord and praying about it, they turn it into a big party. They go out and buy the best binoculars, the best telescopes, video recorder, they got the bean-dip and the chips, prepared to stay up all night watching the sky, setting themselves up for deception. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a counterfeit to what I saw. Lucifer is always trying copy the things of God, form the Holy Trinity to the return of Christ.
I think there is the possibility of the being/vehicle that I saw, the transport system that I saw, is used to transport spirit beings to their destination. I believe that when my time is up on this earth, when my work is finished, I may see it again to transport my spirit to my Commanding General and Lord, Jesus Christ. I’m not preaching this as gospel, it’s just the feeling I have about what I have witness. I got the feeling that this thing that I saw could have sucked me in and shoot me off to the center of the galaxy or anywhere in the universe in a moment in time.

In fact, even though it shot through the air at shooting star speed, I had the feeling it was in cruise control, so that my eyes and brain could process it, because if it had travel at top speed [if there is a top speed, which I doubt] it would have been moving too fast for me to see it. The problem that I was having was that I know that I am not worthy to be graced by such a marvel from the LORD. I kept asking myself is it possible that The Bright and Morning Star paid this lowly worm a visit. Without realizing it, I was using the same metaphor of Mark 9:48 in describing my lowly condition. It had to be a metaphor because I’m not a worm, I’m a man. What I thought, was that one would have to be perfect like the men of the Old Testament to get such a revelation from God.

Then God reveal to me that none of these people were perfect, mostly they were just as mess up as I am. I’m not trying to equate myself with any of them, but to show that it is the intent of the heart that matters with God. Now let’s take a look at some of the people that were dear to God and see just how perfect they were. Let’s start with the apple of God’s eyes, His anointed king, and see how perfect he was.

David a man after God’s own heart, much beloved of God, anointed by God, but was a murderer and adultery. David saw an attractive woman bathing on the roof of her house, I imagine that she must have been one bad manma-jammer to make David temporarily forget the God he so loved and adored. He lusted after her so much that he had her husband killed on the battle front, a place where David himself was supposed to be, he was out of place to begin with.

This man was loyal to David and the Lord, this was a serious crime, and after David repented our mercy God forgave him and didn't love him any less. But because of the blood on his hands he was not allowed to build the temple of the Lord. What a wonderful God! So why can’t the same God manifest Himself in the same manner to me or you. He’s the same God now that He was then, HE CHANGE NOT!

Now let’s take a look at another servant of God that was beloved of God. God loved him so much that He could not destroy the sinful city until he first got his servant out of there. Now this beloved servant of the Lord [Lot] had an incestuous affair with all three of his daughter, each had a child by their father. Now I find it hard to believe that Lot made tree babies without knowing anything about it. The bible says his daughters got him drunk and plan the whole thing themselves. Even if he was not aware [which I doubt] he was still responsible for allowing himself to get drunk and letting such a terrible thing happen. Yet God still loved him. If He can do that for Lot, why can’t He do the same thing for me or you?

There are many more imperfect servants of God but I think this is enough to get the point across. It is not that we are so good and holy that God would grace us with a manifestation, but it is in spite of ourselves, and because He is fateful.

I remember repeating to myself over and over as I walked back into my house; "I'm being watched" who is it that have taken such an interest in me, I walked up and down the floor of that apartment days and sleepless nights wondering who is it that has taken such interest in me. It was all I could think about day and night, literally!

Next, we’ll look at just how bible believing Christians are being drawn into this world-wide religion of the fiery flying cherubim of the root of the snake. Many of the so-called great theologians and bible teaches of these end-times are most responsible for the great end-time falling away of believers.

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