More of the Deadly Contents of the Golden Cup

Pre-tribulation Rapture Heresy

"And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication." [REV 17:4] KJV

Of all the false and abominable teachings of the Gnostic Kabalistic Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, this one that states the Lord had sex with Mary and produced offspring has got to have terrible consequences. This old false teaching was given new life by the fictional book written by Dan Brown, "The Divinci Code" Now this whole idea was the plan of Lucifer from the beginning, Lucifer’s plan was and is to take his seat on the Throne of God, God’s earthly throne, His temple at Jerusalem since he failed to take the heavenly throne by fo

Lucifer who is a master strategist, laid the ground work for the fulfillment of this plan long ago, and the Lord prophesied that Lucifer [Satan] would temporarily physically occupy the throne at Jerusalem but only for a short period of time. Now for this to take place Lucifer must inhabit the physical body of some mortal man since he is a non-physical spirit being. For any man to mount the throne of God at Jerusalem and claim to be God he must trace his ancestry back to King David that is the only way he can pull this plan off. The blind occultist temple priest who will be in control of the reconstructed temple at Jerusalem [The Third Temple] these teachers of the doctrines of devils will be awaiting the return of their lord King Solomon.

So, for this anti-Christ to be welcome to take his seat on the throne of the temple he must convince the satanic priest that he is able to trace his ancestry back to King Solomon, so the anti-Christ must be Jewish. Now the priest knows by this time that Jesus is in the blood line of King David no matter how much they hate Him, this they cannot deny. They deny Jesus' claim of being the Son of God, but they know He was the Son of David. King David is the father of this physical blood-line, Jesus earthly mother is from that blood line, this is how the Son of God entered the family of King David and is now called the Son of Man. Jesus is the seed of the woman, the seed that would crush the serpent’s head. Nowhere in scripture is there any teaching of Jesus having a biological earthly father, so let’s get that clear.

So, no matter what the occultist priest of the temple at the time of the anti-Christ think of Jesus, they will have to admit that he is a Son of David. Now when the anti-Christ mounts the throne at Jerusalem [not the Vatican] he will claim the bloodline of Jesus and that he is the product of the union of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, may even claim to be the resurrection of King Solomon through some type of special resurrection. Once he is seated on the throne he now denies any other God but himself, and at that time all hell breaks out.
This sudden rise in the popularity of this old cult of King Solomon is right on time with the original plan of Lucifer. The fictional book The Devinci Code was a rallying call to the forces of Lucifer that the march is on to take full control of the temple for their Lord Lucifer. The Masons have already built their version of this temple, but the headquarters of all demonic temples must be the one that was stolen from the Son of God, the rightful King, whom Lucifer hates with great passion!

Since God has His earthly bloodline through King David, Lucifer must have his earthly blood line also in this war for the universal right to rule mankind. Now let’s take a closer look at the woman who these blasphemers claim was the mother of Jesus’ children and see if she was baby mama or a true disciple of Christ. One of the verses of scripture they have twisted to defile a most important process in the preparation of the body of Christ for the great sacrifice He was about to make for the people they are out to destroy. It all starts with this verse of scripture:

"Then Jesus six days before the passover came to Bethany, where Lazarus was, which had been dead, whom he raised from the dead. There they made him a supper; and Martha served: but Lazarus was one of them that sat at the table with him. Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment. Then saith one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon's son, which should betray him, why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor? This he said, not that he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief, and had the bag, and bare what was put therein. Then said Jesus, let her alone: against the day of my burying hath she kept this." [John 12:2-7]

This is the woman that they say is Jesus’ wife and mother of His children, now this holy act by this once very sinful woman they have defiled. Because this woman has shown so much love for the one who saved her from total destruction, a love they cannot understand because it is not in them to understand because they are of their father Lucifer, the loveless one. True this woman I believe show more love for the Lord probably more than the other disciple [with the exception of Paul] but there is a reason for this and the Lord explained the reason for it and the reason is that:

 "He or she that have been forgiven much love much."

This woman had been possessed by seven devils:

"And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils" [Luke 8:2]
Want to see what it looks like to see devils being driven out of a person?

                                                                                                   See the video here:

I don’t recall any of the twelve disciples having seven demons cast out of them; this woman knew what depth she had reached and knew what the Lord had done for her. How could she not love more than the rest when she was forgiven for more than the rest? This the Gnostics took to mean that this godly woman was having sex with the Lord, how low can one go when dancing with Lucifer, you see it right here! Did you notice in the video of the demon possessed man that his main weapon of attack is snake venom that he spews out at the man of God?  Doesn’t this look familiar? This the same venom that is spewed out in many forums over the inter-net at people of God who only want to free the persons from these very demonic attacks, it is not the people themselves, whom God loves very much, but the demons that they have welcome into their beings who hate the Lord with much passion! The guy in the video above probably had no idea he was demonically possessed. He was probably seeing visions and hearing voices he thought was from God. There are more people who hear voices more than are willing to admit, or believe it’s the voice of God because they are religious.

There’s a guy who lives a couple of apartments down from me, this guy is very religious, he claims to hear voices, and I believe he does. As we began to communicate more he would claim that the Holy Spirit constantly speak to him throughout the day, for every little thing the Holy Spirit spoke to him about it. So, I asked him, do he ever try or test this spirit that is in constant communication with him. The guy had no idea what I was talking about, he asked me how do I test the spirit, at that point I felt that this guy was in trouble. Even before I could explain what it means to test the spirit that is talking to him, he began to do and say things that prove to me that it was not the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The first time he set down in my apartment he started talking, there was something he wanted me to know. He said:
“I come from a racist background, I grew-up racist, he went on to say that when was in the Marine Corps he was in a conversation with a group of black Marines and he told them that his family owned black people. He said the black Marines became angry with him, but he could not understand why. Now we are in the beginning stages of testing this spirit that constantly speaks to him. This guy is a very nice guy, but his heart is not right because his past life of racism is still in him. I understand why the black Marine got angry with him, I felt he wanted me to know that his people owned by people, and I think that’s what the black Marines felt that made them angry. Now remember, we are testing the spirit that constantly talks to him.

Next, he proceeds to educate me in how I and other blacks got our last names, he tells me we assumed the last name of the slave master, I guess he thought he was telling me something I didn’t know. Keep in mind that he is sitting in a black man’s house he just started talking to that day. I think he had a problem with my last name, which is “Francois” what I think he was saying in a nice way is that I have a slave master’s name. I went on to explain to him that even though I’m black I have a lot of French blood in me, that grandfather, my mother’s father was from France and my grandmother, his wife was no slave, and his French blood is just as much a part of me as the African blood.

He, says you look like you might have French blood in you, so I inform him that my French blood is no more precious to me than my African blood, it just who I am. After this game, he was trying to play backfired he would go on to brag about his Irish heritage, he wasn’t going to sit in my house and play this game. I told him, he may have Irish and he may also have a lot of other blood that he doesn’t know about. I asked if he knew the religious history of the Irish, he said all he knew is that his family is Catholic. He knew nothing about the occult history of his people. Now the next thing he do is bring up the fact that they were bringing down one of his hero [Robert E. Lee] statures in New Orleans, La, my hometown. I knew there was talk of bringing down these symbols of America’s racist pass, but I had left New Orleans years ago and didn’t know this was happening at this time. Remember, we are still testing that spirit that constantly talks to him.

Let me back up a bit, before he Robert E. Lee he tried to convince me that the flag he honors, the Confederate Flag is not a symbol of hate. And that north evaded his land and tried to destroy their way of life and steal their resources. He said the war wasn’t about freeing the slaves but to steal their riches. He said the war was about, and according him all wars are about money. I asked him, what was the sough’s major means of riches? I could see the wheels turning in his head trying to come up with something other than slave labor, but he couldn’t so he finally said it was slave labor. I asked him, do you still say it wasn’t about slavery? He says, ok it was about slavery.

I told him that one side in that war was trying to do the right thing toward his fellow man and the other side is fighting to continue the evil of having the right to rape the women that he owned anytime he desired, to sell his very own children that he made with these women he rapes. Fighting for the right to keep men in chains and drive them to work of free while making himself fat. You claim that you go to church every Sunday, speak in tongues, prophecy, interpret tongues, and yet you stand with the side of evil. Do you really believe that the God of the bible is talking to you, do you really believe that you are speaking a heavenly language when you speak in tongues? I went on to explain to him that under his flag, had they won, he would have the right to rape by wife at his pleasure, to sell my children at his pleasure, I don’t believe God would be alright with that. His biggest problem is that he claims to be in constant contact with the Holy Spirit and really don’t know what’s in the bible.

I asked him if he ever check to see if what the preacher is telling him is what the bible actually states? He said no, but the preacher is a good guy and he trust him. This guy is in constant contact with spirits and may even be possessed by one or more and he came to the conclusion that the spirit that is talking to him is the Spirit of God without testing the voice that is speaking to him. This is how many in the church has become demonically possessed. There are many more things that this person says and does that leaves no doubt that the spirit that is constantly speaking to him is not the Holy Spirit. There is an unholy spirit in the Christian Church today trying to impersonate the Holy Spirit of God. To see this unholy spirit at work in the church go to the link below:


Notice that thousands and thousands of Christian leaders are attending these from Christian Churches from around the world attend these ungodly services to get an impartation. The preacher says he lays hand on everyone no matter if its five thousand of ten thousand people, his intent in to pass this unholy spirit on to as many leaders as possible so that they return home and pass it on to their congregation. In this way, this unholy spirit has infiltrated the church and have many Charismatics/Pentecostal Churches and now have many of their members demonically possessed. How did the church get to this point? It from seeking signs and wonders. Pentecostals fell into this trap by twisting the word of God, they believe that the only way a person can have the Holy Spirit working in them, there must be signs and wonders.

The one sign that all must show to be filled with the Holy Spirit is that they must speak in tongues. That’s taught nowhere in scripture, when the Holy Spirit indwells a Christian it’s to empower that disciple to do the work that is appointed to him or her. If that follower needs to travel to a land that speaks a different language and there’s no one there to interpret his words for the people, then God will give him utterance. If that follower is a bible teacher and have whatever measure of the Spirit, that person may not even know how to read, but still the Spirit will cause him or her to be a most effective bible teacher and the person may never speak in tongues. I’ve never spoken in tongues, but I believe it’s real, I believe there are tongues sent from God and I know there are tongues sent from Satan.

Just because someone speaks in tongues does not necessarily mean it’s a heavenly language, this ungodly church is teaching its members how to practice speaking in tongues. If the tongues are from God, why would I have practice doing it? If God called me to heal the sick should I spend my off time practicing how to heal the sick? In that case I would be healing by the art that I have practiced and not by the power of God.  Its God who does the healing and not me, my job would be to lay hands on the person and pray and let God do the healing. These are the spirits that Jesus had to cast out of Mary Magdalene, I can see why she loved Jesus so much.

We will be getting back to Mary Magdalene in a few, but there’s something else I would like to bring out. Once Lucifer convinced the woman and then she convinced the man to drink of the forbidden fruit of Lucifer, they had made their choice to gain godhood by means of the occult. Having made their choice to follow Lucifer a doorway was open to direct communication with hell. This doorway into hell is centered in the forehead of man. To really have a choice and truly choosing to serve Satan there must be given an entrance point to the choices that has been made.

Opening of The Third Eye [centered in the forehead] is opening the doorway to hell, it is through this doorway that evil spirits come and go and the man has freedom of choice of gods. It is through prayer and believing that one enters the gates of heaven, and it is unlocking the gates of hell [opening the third eye] that one enters the gates of hell and learns to spew venom at the saints of God.
How could one have freedom of choice unless there’s a doorway or gate into the kingdom of their choice?

Back to Mary Magdalene; now you see why the ones responsible for this slander of the Holy One of God would wage such a file campaign against God, because they are of their father and lover, Satan [Lucifer]

The next verse of scripture these unholy teachers use to defile the name of the Lord and claim that Mary is the wife of Christ is because she is the first to see the resurrected Jesus. Remember the words of the Lord, he who have been forgiven much love much! I would expect that Mary would be the first to witness the resurrected Christ because of her holy love for Christ.
“In the end of the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulcher.” [Mat 28:1]

It seems that Mary Magdalene would follow Jesus anywhere He goes if she were allowed to, and scripture make mention of a group of the redeemed. It is said that the 144000 Jews who will be saved at the return of Jesus will follower him everywhere He goes:
"These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins. These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the first fruits unto God and to the Lamb" [Rev.14:4]

You see, Mary Magdalene followed Jesus all the way to the tomb and was there when he rose from the dead and walked out of that tomb. That’s why I believe Mary Magdalene may be one of the 144000 Jews who will follow their brother Jesus everywhere He goes, and who knows how many more will be in that group? Now I know what comes to most people’s mind at this point, it goes something like this; Mary Magdalene cannot be one of the 144000 who follow Jesus everywhere He goes because these 144000 thousand are all men because it says so right there is the scripture verse, it clearly says they did not defile themselves with women BAM; there it is! Now let’s put on our thinking and reasoning caps, would God who made the woman for the man say a man is defile by sleeping with the woman? I don’t think so, how about you? I do believe that that 144000 saved Jews would include both men and women. You mean to tell me that God will not find one women in all Israel worth saving, only men?

Surely the just God wouldn’t judge His children on the basis of gender, Jesus had many female disciples when on earth, Mary Magdalene was one of them, the woman at the well was another, Mary the sister of Lazarus was also a disciple of Christ and many others, even his mother was a disciple. The job of building the first church was given to men I think because of the brutal treatment they would receive at the hands of their brothers, the Jews, just one of the reasons. The Lord never excluded women from discipleship, never! That statement "these were not defiled by women for they are virgins" must have a deeper and spiritual meaning. Let’s go the word of God to see if we can get some light on this verse of scripture, remember scripture must be interpreted by scripture. In scripture, all religions are referred to as women! The Church of Christ is called the Bride of Christ! Jesus is called the Groom of that Bride or the husbandman. The true and faithful Church of Christ is called a virgin!

Now a virgin can become a whore, and that’s what the Lord calls the Church at Rome, "The Whore of Mystery Babylon" because she went whoring with other gods. The women that Rev. 14:4 is referring to is not flesh and blood women but false religions. You see, these 144000 Jews are in the heart of the kingdom of Satan, the heart of occult and Luciferian worship, the very grounds where the Lord was murdered, the true King and His Throne was stolen and set up to Satan [King Solomon Temple] where the very custom of that land is occult, and yet these 144000 stayed true to the Lord. These 144000 are virgins because they are of the virgin Church of Christ, I believe Mary Magdalene may be one of these Jews who will follow Jesus everywhere He Goes, not to be his sexual mate, but to be a servant of her Lord.

 The Black Light Bearers claim that Judas is in heaven; Judas, their hero!

“Then entered Satan into Judas surnamed Iscariot, being of the number of the twelve. And he went his way, and communed with the chief priest and captains, how he might betray him unto them.” [Luke 22:3-4]

Betrayed=to give aid or information to an enemy of; commit treason against one’s own country

So, Judas turned against the kingdom of God, now I don’t believe that Judas started out with the intention of betraying the son of God, but two things stood in the way of his total surrender to Christ. One was money the other was politics, two things the Lord warned to be careful of. Now let’s start with the first problem that Judas had and needed to overcome; and that's his stealing:

"Then Jesus six days before the Passover came to Bethany, where Lazarus was which had been dead, whom he had raised from the dead. There they made Him a supper; and Martha served: but Lazarus was one of them that sat at the table with Him. Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped His feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment. Then said one of the disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, which would betray Him, why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor? This he said, not that he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief, and had the money bag, and bear what was therein." [John 12:1-6]

Up into the very end Judas was identified as a thief, God said no thief shall enter the kingdom of heaven, he didn't say no thief except Judas, no; He said no thief shall enter His kingdom! Here we see the Prince of heaven about to be beaten so bad that all of His facial features were distorted to the point of being unrecognizable, nailed to a cross, speared in the side for me and you and all Judas could think about was his big bag of money! God doesn’t save us in sin, he saves from sin! The sin must be overcome! Now the question at this point that many use to justify their view that Judas was saved is, if Jesus knew that Judas was a thief why would he put the money bag in Judas’ hand in the first place? That’s a fair question! Here’s the answer to that fair question.

There’s is one thing that most addicts know is that removing the drug from the user for say 6 months or a year does not solve the problem of that addiction because as soon as the opportunity presents itself he is going to repeat the same old thing. The only way the addicted person is freed and know that he is freed is that he must be exposed to and have access to that drug and still not use, then that person knows without a doubt he has been freed. So, taking the test away from Judas would not solve his problem, he needed to be exposed to the money bag and still not steal! That’s similar to what happen in my case. As I said in other articles, I was an alcoholic weed head and lived in what is called bonk houses for some time. In this environment lives, some of the worst people you would ever run across, also in this environment lived some of the best people you would ever run cross, men who have been disciplined by the Lord who are now ready to go out and do the will of the Lord, whose wilderness experience is about to end, I was one of these men.

Now when the Lord finely freed me from alcoholism it was not in some alcohol recovery program, it was in that hostile environment of the bunk house. Most of us that lived there were working in the slave pit of the labor pool; in fact, it was the labor pool that owns the bunk house, in that way they would always have slaves on hand! It was in that bunk house among all the drugs and alcohol that I realized that I was free from alcoholism! The way it happens is that at the end of a hard day in the pits the first thing that we looked   for was something to take our minds off our problems, the crack addict would run to the crack house [I never used crack because I was afraid it] the alcoholic would run to the liquor store, that was my stop or the weed dealer! When I realized I was freed, I had been freed for about 3 three months before I realized it. After work, every day I would go to the liquor store to cash my little pitiful pay-check and would pass right by the liquor counter and not even think of alcohol, this went on for about three months before I took notice of it. It was at this point that I knew without a doubt that I was actually free. This is the way one is freed from addiction, not by removing the drug from within the reach of the addict, but he must be able to have access to the drug and still not use, then he is free indeed!

Jesus who know all things and knew that this is the only way one is truly freed so he put the money bag in Judas’ hand that he may overcome this problem! Now the other problem Judas had was getting involved in politics, something Jesus warned of, Jesus said we are to render unto Caesar what’s Caesar’s and to the Lord what’s the Lord’s. Now this verse's been reshaped, pull out of shape, twist out of shape by just about every sect to state that we are render unto Caesar that which to be render unto the Lord only. Jesus always warned His disciples to be always be on the alert to the two political parties of his day [The Pharisees and the Sadducees] and to stay as clear of them as possible. Judas would not heed that warning just as Christian of today refuse to heed that warning and in ruining themselves with politics. One of first thing we need to notice about Judas is that he never called Jesus Lord, he always called Jesus teacher never Lord! How can he be a true apostle of the Lord and not see him as Lord?

Jesus called Judas the son of Perdition:

"Now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they maybe one as we are. While I was with them in the world, I keep them in thy name: those that thou gavest Me I have kept and none of them are lost, but the son of perdition; that the scripture maybe fulfilled. [John 17:11-12]

                        Only two people have been called by that name in scripture, Judas and the anti-Christ of Revelation!

Jesus Says That Judas Was Lost and the Only One of the Disciples That Was Lost Now let’s take one of the games in Lucifer's bag of tricks he uses to get people hooked on the occult. In the chapter “The Mark of the Beast” I said the occult was more addictive than the weed I was smoking and the alcohol I was drinking. In this chapter I intend to show why the wine of the occult is so intoxicating. Why once indoctrinated it will take an act of God to be freed from it. I was so intoxicated with this wine of Lucifer; it was all I thought about.

All day at work I would be preparing for my nighttime adventure of astral travel. And I was good it, I could astral project almost at will. As in any field of the arts, music, acting, etc. the more time you put into it the better you become at it, the Satanic arts are no different. The very nature of the beast is consumption; it wants all of you. It consumes you. For you to be any good at it, it must have your heart, and it had mine, that’s why I was good at it, and now equipped to write about it, I speak from experience. I now know why God allowed me to go through that addiction, it was for this moment in time. If only one person’s eyes are opened from my writing this book on the tricks of Lucifer, then my efforts would not have been in vain. According to the word of God one soul is worth more than everything in the whole world. My major addiction to the occult was astral projection and lucid dreaming.

Astral Projection, is the art of experimenting with death! In astral projection one set up conditions, and encourages the soul to exit the physical body. It’s basically the same thing that happens at death, the difference being that in astral projection the exit is usually temporary, where as in death the exit is permanent. The first thing they are going to try do drill into you is that you cannot die from practicing astral projection, that if something goes wrong you can always jump back into your body. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the problem with that theory. If the person dies from projection, how can he tell anyone that he died from projecting? His communicating back to this world in the flesh is over, unless permitted by God, for some special reason. I do believe the LORD allow the departed to return spiritually for His special purposes.

I had left New Orleans in February 1978 to see if I could make a better life for myself in California; that was a big flop. New location, but the same old me. I got off the Ground-hound Bus in L.A. and headed straight to the nearest bar. I hung out in bars and partied from February to July, never contacting my mother or anyone back home during that time, I was very selfish. One day while walking down Broadway St. in L.A. I her my mother call my name, “ROY” that’s all she said. I looked around the crowd to see my mama, what was she during in L.A. did she come all this way just to find me? I looked for her, but she was no where’s to be found in the crowd. I got back to the hotel where I was living I told my friend that had heard my mama on Broadway but couldn’t find her. My friend asked, Roy when was the last time you talked to your mother? I told her that I hadn’t talked to mama in months.

She said call you mother. When I called I heard these word on the other end of the line, CLAUDIA IS DEAD AND BURIED! Oh God' please tell me I’m dreaming! She was dead and I had caused her death. She was worried about me, she founded me that day in L.A. but at what cost. That's why I believe that the LORD allows the departed to communicate with a loved one in certain situations. I know my mama’s voice; I know what I heard. I hurried back to New Orleans, she left me my inheritance, the only thing she had, a book called the LIVING BIBLE!

I opened that book looking for answers, I search that book day in day out, guilt ridden, and I killed my mama. It was in that, my darkest hour that Jesus step in and made Himself known to me. The Living Bible that I was studying actually came alive, I’ll never forget the very first scripture verse that seem too leaped of the pages of the bible and strait into my soul:


I remember dropping the bible on the bed, walking up and down in my room, thinking what is this feeling? What is this joy I’m feeling? I went from depression and pain, to rapture. I couldn’t stop talking about God, my brother and my friends was getting tired of all this talk about God; let’s get back to the stuff we use to talk about; like big bone Bertha! But I couldn’t stop talking about how in my darkest hour He stepped in and brought joy! I was experiencing the New Birth. Next the joy began to be mixed pain as he revealed His nails scared hands to me. And the beating He took in my place, I was supposed to take that beating, how could you let them beat you like that, for someone like me?

It was at this point that the death and resurrection of Jesus became real to me, then I couldn’t spot talking about how death could not hold The Son of God. I would love to be able to tell you that I followed the LORD and never looked back, but that would a lie. I was a backslider, after a while as the rapture faded I returned to my old ways of drinking and whoring with women. But something was different when I sinned now I felt guilty and dirty, whereas before it didn’t bother me, I was just doing my thing. But the LORD never gave up on me. That’s unconditional love, something I cannot comprehend.

After all that love I was shown, I returned to Satan’s intoxicating wine of the occult. I know I digress a bit but I needed to take you through all that to show you the power of the intoxicating wine of the occult. The addiction! OK back to astral projection, as I expressed in The Mark of the Beast” my main addiction in the occult was astral projection. This is not an article on How to project, so I will not go into the how of it, this article is a warning of the dangers of being dragged down to hell by the occult.

Once the spirit, soul or consciousness whatever it is that projects, projects, it needs a mode of transportation just as in the physical. At the lower levels of occult initiation once projected one float around for a while, if he really wants to do some traveling he needs to have some type of vehicle to travel in, it can be anything, a bicycle he gets on and start to pump, he pumps faster and faster, the bicycle become airborne and can then take him to the stars, or so it seems. Same thing if he fined himself in a car once projected, the car continues to increase in speed until it become airborne. But at the higher levels of initiation the ultimate mode of transportation is to fly like Superman, just leap of the ground and fly to the stars like superman, I had reached that level. At that point, you really feel like you are a god! You fly from planet to planet, from star to star. You’re not really traveling among the stars, but the delusion is so complete that you actually believe you have traveled to the stars. It’s all strong delusions! Flying in this projected state is just one of the many addictive elements of the occult, being able to walk through solid objects, hearing music, and many other temptations including sexual encounters with evil spirit beings.  One of the most popular enticements in this world today is called Lucid Dreaming. 

                                                                                         WHAT IS LUCID DREAMING
                                                                                     Another Addiction of the Occult   



The spirit that man is, the very being of who he is, the part that is in the image of God, that part experience life on many different levels. From the base of physical human passions, to the bliss of pure spiritual heavenly love. And all states in between! This spirit that man is can function inside the physical body, or outside the physical body, the spirit of man does not depend on a physical body, but the physical body is dead without the spirit, it is the invisible spirit that animates the physical fleshly body that lives.

This spirit is in the image of God because God is a spirit, the Holy Spirit, The Holiest Spirit, and The Holy Spirit is God! The spirit of man can be a beautiful thing, ‘a god’, or it can be a foul thing, ‘a devil!!’ Being a spirit, it can communicate with other spirits. But humans are warned to not try to make contact with these other spirit, because there are many deceiving spirits out there. We learn early in life that we function in two worlds, the physical, and the spiritual. Through dreams and other altered states of consciousness, we learn that we are more than just the physical, but we are also spirit. They exist together, intertwined, and must be kept in balance.

The dreaming state of consciousness is the most common way we enter the spirit realm. What we bring into that spirit world is what we are, what we are during the day, is what we bring to the spirit world. When we enter the realm of the spirit, we are in our spirit body; it will be either clean or dirty. Dreams can have a very powerful effect on a person. Joseph dream save the Hebrew people from extinction! Through a dream Joseph was warned to flee with the infant Jesus. The dream state is not something to be taken lightly. Some of the most beautiful music ever written was written in the dream state. But beware! The dream state can be a very deceptive place, full of seduction, spirit sexual seduction can be more powerful than physical sexual seduction.

The lucid dream is usually brought on by something really strange happening in the dream. Say the very first time you dreamed you could fly; the dream is beautiful, live and in living color you are there fully conscious, and don’t know that your body is on the bed sleeping and yet you are flying around like a god. This can be a most intoxicating state. You ask yourself, how this can be; I’m a man I can’t fly like a bird, then you reason, I must be dreaming, it is then that you enter the lucid dream state of consciousness.

Once you are lucid you have somewhat control of the dream, not total control. Everything intensify, the colors become brighter your feelings and emotions become heightened. You are lucid! When you enter that world, you are what you are! First of all, if you entered that lucid state by any of the satanic arts you are already in violation’ you are in the occult. I do believe that it is in that lucid state or one very similar, where men receive prophecies, or men receive false prophesies. In this lucid state, Satan is always somewhere around, lurking, looking for someone he can deceive. And at the right moment he’ll present himself as an angel of light:

“And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. [2 Cor 11: 14].

It is in this lucid state where most spiritual deception takes place. If you entered through the magical arts [witchcraft] you forced yourself in. you’ve entered as a thief, and a robber. This is to be entered at God’s discretion, and for His purpose. When and if God decides He wants to communicate with you on that level, He will summons you to it. And when He summons you, it for a very specific reason, not for you to bounce in and out at will and play your little god games.

This level of communication with the LORD comes after much growth, spiritual disciplining, and maturing in the LORD. It can be a long slow process, but you enter it legally, at the command of the LORD. Not before!! Once men are aware that this state exists, they want to enter at their pleasure, even have orgies there. That place is where God may communicate with His physical earthly creatures on a higher spiritual level. It is to be entered in holiness and reverence. The occultist wants to be able to enter at will, play out their sexual fantasies, and defile their spirits. When you entered through the occult you came in through a way other than through Jesus:

“Verily, verily, I say to you, he that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbed up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. [John 10:1].

I was so good at producing the lucid dreaming state that I would be able to achieve it within a couple of days of preparing for it, and usually that very same day. Ask any advanced occultist, to achieve that state so easily, I had reached an advanced level of initiation into the occult, and had stolen some very powerful spiritual forces. Forces that could drag me to the pit of hell! There’s no such thing that I was going to do good with the forces I had stolen, the fact that I had stolen them had already corrupted them as I possessed them. It could only lead to bad things, no matter how deceived I was into believing I would do good with them. It is in this state, on this spiritual plane, is where a whole lot of Rock and Rapp Stars sell their soul to Lucifer for fame.

One of the latest being Beyoncé, and her transformation to Sasha Fierce, her birth into the world of the occult!How form her own lips she tells how when possessed by the spirit of Sasha Fierce, she is no longer herself. How once possessed, she doesn't remember some of the things she did while the demon was in control. She got her wish, to be worshiped, to be idolized, God knows she turned my head more than a few times. There’s a lot of information out there of stars who sold their souls to the devil on that spiritual plane. The lucid dream is not something to be trifled with! Mostly when I entered the lucid dream I loved to just fly around, and walk through walls. The advanced initiates know exactly what I’m talking about. Flying and walking through wall were a lot of fun, but there was the sinister side, the side of lust. I sought out sexual encounters myself, I know of what I speak. Being sexual creatures, sex is a powerful motivating force in much of the things we do. You may think that I speak a lot about sex in the occult, but just as sex have a power in the physical, it has an even stronger power and pull in the spiritual, where all senses are intensified. If you are a sexual lustful person, don’t think you are going to enter the realm of the spirit, and leave the lust behind, it’s just not going to happen. You are what you are when you enter.

Getting too caught up in dream interpretation is the one of the most common initiation in to the occult. Trying to understand each and every dream we have can be a very dangerous thing. We open ourselves up to all king of evil influences, getting in touch with fortune tellers, mediums; people supposedly communicating with the spirits of the dead, an act forbidden in the bible.  Sure, some dreams have very special meaning, but many are just the reaction to daily events. I have a very effective system for dealing with dreams now. If I have the same dreams three times or more, I take very serious notice of that dream, it’s trying to get a message across. I had such a sequence of dreams, it is because of that sequence of dreams I’m writing this book.

I was studying the fine art of music, the piano keyboard, I was always intrigued by the piano, my mother was a pianist; she would some time set and play the piano almost the whole day. The beautiful sound of the piano had really gotten down in my soul. One day I would teach myself to play the piano. I bought myself a cheap electronic keyboard, I would teach myself to play. I taught myself the basics and over years have learned play a bit. I can now take a piece of sheet music, commit it to memory and belt out a fairly decent rendition of the song. Now I wanted to reach the next lever, I wanted to take my musical skills into the lucid dream, and bring the beautiful music back to this world, the beautiful music I had heard so many time before when in the lucid state. There was no doubt in my mind that this could be done, remember, I was advanced in the occult!

I set out to achieve by goal, I set up the conditions to have my dream where I would combine the two, my keyboard with the occult induced lucid dream. I remember the first bone Lucifer threw at me, as I entered the lucid state I walked into a music hall, in the hall was a large beautiful black Grand Piano, sitting at the piano was a beautiful Cole black woman, as black as the Grand Piano, and every bit as beautiful. She was to be my music teacher, and my sexual playmate. In the lucid dream, my cousin Jason was there, he asked the very attractive woman at the piano, are ya’ll going use my cousin Roy? I waited to hear her answer, she never answered his question. So, I backed out of the dream, for now. I had been successful, I had proved to myself that I could enter my spiritual studio at will and reproduce the beautiful music I would hear there.

I knew if I brought back just one of the songs I heard when in that state it would mean instant fame and riches. Remember everything there is intensified, the music you hear in the physical is nothing compared to the music there. I was ready to achieve my goal, but there was something warning me that there was a price to be paid for that fame I wanted. So, I put the master plane on hold for a while. Somehow, I began to run across stories of famous people who made a pack with Lucifer for their fame and fortune. The price was too high to pay, he wanted my very soul. But I still loved music, so I continued to learn the piano. As time went on the piano just didn’t have the same meaning as before, because I just could not pay the price for fame. But still the piano was taking most of my time.

It was at this time I started having these dreams, the same dream over and over, I kept trying to do something, but I could never get it done, because it was not what I was supposed to be doing at that time. I would have this dream over and over, this dream was trying to get a message across to me, but what was it? I set by my bedroom window and ask the LORD, I’m here with all this free time on my hands you have given me. Show me what you would have me do. Direct me to what you would have me do. A little while later I heard the word “YES!” not long after that I stumble upon He showed that this is where I belong, reaching out to lost souls who are still trapped by the occult as I was, and not to spend my time trying to glorify myself! I feel that for the first time in my life I'm during something worthwhile, sounding the alarm, warning of Satan’s and his deep things.
                                 Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming are nothing to play around with!
                                                                         Another Game of Lucifer is Called Bio-Feedback

                                          Bio-feedback is the west version of Yoga and eastern meditation!

Many people believe that there are many benefits to meditation and I agree that there is when done properly and for the right reasons. To be still and stop the mind from running all over the place can be very beneficial, but when done in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons it can lead to the destruction of the person. When used as a mystical tool to reach into the spirit realm it can be detrimental to the spiritual ware-fare of the soul.

This game of bio-feedback can lead one into direct contact with many deceiving spirits, when someone tells me they practice Yoga or any other of the eastern forms of meditation just to relax I have to do all I can to keep from laughing in their faces because all forms of eastern meditation leads to making spirit contact, [a satanic art that is condemned in the word of God] that is the addiction of it, to communicate with the lying occupants of the UFOs, the so-called Ascended Masters. The claim of both Bio-feedback and eastern meditation is to put the person in a state of total relaxation, so their stated goal is the same. To reach this state of relaxation the person is instructed to empty the mind, to think of nothing and if the mind wonders of bring it back to nothingness, a total blank.


“Meditation is the practice in which the individual trains the mind and/or induces a mode of consciousness to realize some benefit, although it can be argued that meditation is a goal in and of itself. The term meditation refers to a broad variety of practices [much like the term sports] which range from techniques designed to promote relaxation, contacting spiritual guides, building internal energy [chi, ki, prana, etc] receiving psychic visions, getting closer to a god, seeing past lives, taking astral journeys, and so forth, to more technical exercises targeted at developing compassion, love patience, generosity, forgiveness and more far-reaching goals such as effortless sustained single-pointed concentration single-pointed analysis, and an indestructible sense of well-being while engaging in any and all of life's activities. Thus, it is essential to be specific about the type of meditation practice under investigation.” [Wikipedia]

Notice two major reasons for meditation in the quote above; are spirit contact and astral journeys, two areas where there are major spiritual deceptions. In the process of this type of meditation, which is not meditation at all, but emptying the mind and inviting spirits to enter and entertain and lead the person to believe that they are immortal and divine. They would have you believe you can control this process or what spirit guide is going to show up. Once you empty the mind any evil being can show up and dazzle you with lying wonders because all of your defenses are down and the being [Satan who keeps transforming himself into a being of light] shows up as your spirit guide, and where do you think he's going to guide you?

This evil deceiving spirit will tell you just what you want to hear, that you are immortal and have lived many lives here in this earth and that it’s been with you always. Now once it convinces you that you are immortal it now enters your being and you began to see through its eyes, it now takes you on a wild black light show ride where it lived in the pass and make you believe that it is you who have lived this pass life. Remember, at this point you are no longer one being, you have fused with another, the two of you have become one, so now you can't help believing yourself to be immortal because an immortal evil being has taken possession of you.

This evil spirit is only telling the person what they want to hear, this is the reason the person invited the evil being of light into their being in the first place, to be told that they are God or divine. Now in the beginning the person was led to believe that this was to be a relaxing technique that would teach them to handle life's problems more efficiently. The person was not told that they would be meeting spirit guides that would dazzle them with black light shows that convinces them that they are God, now the person is addicted to a new drug called spiritism!

During my days of homelessness and alcoholism and working in the slave pits for minimum wages I decided it was time to take a break from all this slavery to the labor pool. I decided I would enter a rehab program, now at this time my alcohol addiction was pretty much over with, but I still had the problem of homelessness that the addiction caused in the first place. I entered the rehab program, the very same program where the bible teacher was an Elvis impersonator, more on that later. Beside the money they were bringing in from the homosexual community for silencing the talk of the sin of same sex relationships, they were being paid by this Bio-feedback company to use us as candidates for further study metaphysics. The way they set it up was to make the bio sessions start at about the same time as the boring distorted bible classes, they knew that many would rather be in the bio sessions than in the distorted bible class.

I was one who found the bible class to be a constant source of irritation so I decided I would get out of it by attending the bio sessions. I signed up for it and the first thing I notice was that the instructions the guy was giving me were the same process that I would go through in preparation for astral projection and outer body experiences. The first few times I went through the process all I got was very relaxed, but by the fourth session things started happening. First, I would see flashing light just as I would see when attempting to astral project. Next there was the music that accompany many astral projection sessions, then there were the mini movies. These mini-movies were like actual real-life event taking place before my very eyes.

Everything I as an occultist experienced I experienced in the bio-feedback sessions, the only difference was that in the bio-feedback session I was hooked up to a machine. On about my fourth session I went through all the stages of astral projection from seeing visions to meeting spirits, I knew I had reached the point of projection, but instead of projecting, I just entered the vision, but I was worried that I was headed back to the gates of hell.

So, after moving around a bit and walking through a few walls, I don't know, it was always something when in this state of conciseness that I found very exciting about having the ability to walk through walls, but after playing around for a while I broke the session off.
Before I could hardly get my eyes opened the guy burst through the door, he was so excited and went on and on about how I had gone there. He said man, this is the stuff we are looking for! You just visited a place where wonderful things happen. He went on and on about how he could get me money for this [and I was completely penniless at the time] I refused the offer. What I think happen was that this guy was hearing all this talk about this other dimension that one could enter and never actually witnessing the phenomenal taking place [they could somehow monitor brain activity from a computer in another room.]

What they wanted to do was to put me in a sleep lab and study me. Now after this happened I never saw this guy around again [there were usually two guys there] I think they moved him because in his excitement he let the cat out of the bag and exposed what they were really doing. They were constantly preaching to us that this process was to just teach us to relax, never mentioning the many different states of conscienceless we would encounter. What they were really doing was investigating metaphysics. After moving the younger guy somewhere else, the older guy called me into his office to talk to me and try to explain to me what I had experienced. He was trying to tell me that it was all good and wonderful, I told him it was not all good and wonderful and that there are many deceptions taking place in that realm and I'm not going back there and that this the end of my bio-feedback involvement. He when on to tell me that there's nothing wrong with what's taking place in that realm and there's no danger involved.

I told him that he is using that line on the wrong one because I know what takes place there. I told him that it’s him coming to me to find out just what goes on there. I've been there many times and he's never been there so who is better qualified to determine what takes place there and wither not it’s dangerous? He couldn't argue with my reasoning so he gave me his card and told me if I changed my mind to give him a call.

If I have lied or deceived in telling this story, then I must give an account of my actions when I stand before the Lord and savior Jesus Christ in the judgment! Now this was my only experience with bio-feedback so I can't prove that all bio-feedback sessions are some organizations dealing in the occult, but it’s one thing I'm sure of, this one is of the occult! Here's the problems with these two types of meditative techniques, it’s in the blanking of the mind.  In true meditation, the mind is never a blank, in true meditation [Christian Meditation] one takes a verse of scripture and place it in the head and heart and think on it until there is some clarity on it. One never set out to just empty the mind. Imagine King David who was one who love to meditate on the word of God. When King David set out to meditate it was never to just blank the mind, he always had something on his mind, that something was God!

What the occultist is doing is not meditation, but invocation! The occult's so-called meditation is preparing the mind to welcome outside entities to come in with their black light shows and convince them that they are divine. The spirits that comes to the so-called meditator knows the difference between meditation and invocation. This invocation is to spirit beings of the spirit realm to come in and dazzle them.

The main difference between the two is that in invocation the person is instructed to not fill the mind but to empty it, not only is the person to empty the mind but to keep it alert at the same time.  This may sound like a bit of a contradiction, but can and does happen, but once this art is perfected it is the means of entering many states of altered states of consciousness and many of the satanic arts. I found no difference between bio-feedback and any of the other occult arts, in my experience both leads to the same place where there are many lying and deceiving beings of light.
                                                     “Satan keeps transforming himself into a being of light!” 



                                                                                Lucifer in the Near-Death Experience

The spirit realm is where Satan keep transforming himself into a being of light, this being who was once made of light was the light bearer of God but is no longer that being of light he once was. Now he can morph into the appearance of his former self, but he cannot hold that form very long that’s why he must keep transforming himself into a being of light in order to deceive. This is the unholy being of light that many encounters when ejected from their physical body, either through astral projection or by the near-death experience.

First of all, none of these people were ever dead, none! That’s according to the occult definition and also the bible’s definition. No one who has died has ever came back from the dead except those resurrected by the Lord. According to the occult there is a silver umbilical cord that connects the spirit body to the physical and once the spirit is ejected from the body this cord is still connected to both bodies, it can stretch for miles and miles, giving the spirit body the freedom to travel far from the physical body. But once the cord snaps it’s all over, there’s no return to that physical body is been destroyed, the life which is the spirit has permanently departed, the line that connects the two has been severed.

The spirit lives on for whatever length of time that the Lord decides, but the body has been destroyed, there’s no more any reentry into that temple. The bible’s definition of death is pretty-much the same as that of the occult but the wording is a bit different, in the occult the cord that connects the two bodies is called the “silver cord”, in the bible it’s called “the golden bowl” in either case once this connection is broken it’s all over, there’s no return.  the bible’s definition of physical death:

“Also, when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail: because the man goeth to his long home, and mourners go about the streets: or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the picture be broken at the fount, or the wheel broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit returns to God who gave it.” [Ecc 12:5-7]

Though the bible has many different names for this cord that connects the two bodies, it is in agreement with the occult definition of death, there’s no return from death short of a physical resurrection by God! So, all these people that had the experience of near-death never actually experienced death. But still they had entered the spirit realm, the realm of much spiritual deception where Satan keep transforming himself into a being of light. Just because you enter the spirit realm and encounter a being of light doesn’t necessarily mean that being of light is God or of God. The words of this being of light must be measured very carefully. If the being of light that you encounter tell you there is no accountability for the action you’ve taken with the life you lived on earth, no matter how many people you have killed, how many children you’ve raped. What kind of universe would this be where there’s no accountability for evil actions?

If that’s the case why do we have courts of law in this world if there’s no accountability for our actions, it would seem that the court of law is going against the natural order of the universe if there’s to be no accountability for our actions. Stuff is not making any sense here, there must be order in an orderly universe. In that case every convict whose been incarcerated for murder has been wrongly convicted, if there’s no accountability. This being of light that preach this gospel says all the things the evil doer loves to here, so they are justified in their minds when they take an assault rifle and walk into a classroom full of children and open fire on all those he doesn’t like, it doesn’t matter because all is love and there is no accountability.

What kind of world is this the departed is about to enter, a world where the departed can engage or indulge in any type of behavior and doesn’t have to give account of his or her actions, that kind of world frightens me?  This being of light frighten me, after having this type of near-death experience, what is there to stop me from going out and committing the most terrible sins against mankind. So, what Hitler did, according to this being of light doesn’t matter because all is love. What about the millions of people who were slaughtered, where is the love for them? This being of light frightens me!

But there’s another being of light that many report encountering, this being totally contradict the other, this being of light says there is definitely accountability for the works done in the body while on earth.  This being of light says, if you’ve murdered someone and didn’t get caught by law enforcement on earth, when you exist that body for the last time you will stand trial for that murdered you thought you got away with. And if found guilty of this sin and no repentance there’s a spiritual prison called hell that awaits you. Now as I listen to this being of light, I know there must be something to what he’s saying, because I know in my heart that what I did was terribly wrong and if what I did to another had been done to me I would demand justice.

Now this being of light is making sense to me, so I must fall down on my knees and ask, what must I do to right the wrong I have done to keep from going to that spiritual prison called hell that I so rightfully deserve? This being tells you that you cannot become a citizen of his kingdom because you would cause too much problems because this is a peaceful kingdom where all laws must be obeyed for the protection of all its citizens. But the only other kingdom there is besides this one is a lawless one, this kingdom is infinitely more terrible that any of the prison cells you have been in on earth and its permanent. In this prison kingdom there is no water, but constant thirst. In this prison kingdom, you are murdered over and over again and again just like the murders you committed while in your earthly body.  This being of light says there will be judgement after departing the physical body.

One thing is sure, one of these beings of light is a deceiver, they both can’t be right, either there is judgement after death or there is no judgement after. One being tells you all things your evil heart wants to hear, the other being tells you all the things your evil heart knows you deserves. Two beings of light with two opposing messages, which one do you believe?
                                                                  Satan Keep Transforming Himself into A Being of Light!  

This spiritual deception is the cause of many suicides, to understand why this is so we need to take a look at the New Age Movement and its religion of death. This religion of death includes the Kabbalist, the Masons, the UFO religion of the Heaven’s Gate Cult and many other eastern religions. One of the main teaching agreed on in these religions of death is that the physical body is a bad thing, even a prison and they all teach a way of escaping this prison house of the soul. Now no one wants to stay in prison which they claim the physical body to be. The religion of the bible says the physical body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and not the prison house of the person. Here again we have the two beings of light contradicting each other. We have two spirits here, one sees the body something to escape form, the other sees the body as the Temple of God. 

These flying fiery unholy seraphim form the root of the snake [beings of fiery light] have preached to them for so long that the physical body is evil and a prison to the soul that after so long a time reading this type of material it begins to get down into their souls, they long more and more to rid themselves of this prison that’s keeping them from flying around like the god they long to be. But there’s only two ways to escape this body they see as a prison, one is astral projection, that’s what makes it so popular in the occult world. The problem with astral projection is that its only temporary, after spending a little time during the night flying everywhere they go, they must return to the physical body that’s stuck to the ground and can’t fly, a god must be able to fly.

After flying around in their astral body for so long and keep having to return to their physical body, they can reach a point where they decide to make the astral spirit world their permanent home and rid themselves of the prison of the body. The only way to make the spirit world their permanent home is to end one’s life. Remember, their being of light told them it doesn’t matter, all is forgiven, all is love, just end it down there and come live in everlasting bliss freed from the prison cell of the physical body. And now in the process they have destroyed the temple of the Lord and denounced it, all because of the deception of the flying fiery unholy seraphim and cherub from the root of the snake. I wonder just how many souls have destroyed the temple of God listening to these lying beings of light.

At the height of my occult involvement in the mid-1990’s I begin to question wither or not life on this plane was worth the constant struggle when bliss was so close and easy to get to, I was sipping hard on the “Golden Cup of Babylon.”   Now I wasn’t going to take a gun and put to my head, that would be suicide, and I was afraid the Lord wouldn’t forgive that terrible sin. My plan was to pull one over on God, I had been studying another phase of this satanic gospel and got caught up in it, just for a moment, but still it was there. This satanic gospel states that when one has reached a certain level in the occult they can just quit this life. They can just go to sleep and never wake up in the physical body ever again, they give you the instruction in how to go about it. They make it sound so wonderful, never having to return to the physical body ever again, being able to fly to other worlds of which there’s an infinite number of.

By now I’m already addicted to the delusion called soul flight that I experienced through astral projection, so the thought did come into mind, why not make it permanent?  If I just go to sleep and just fly off to another world and never return to this one, surely God wouldn’t call it suicide, I didn’t blow my brains out, I just quit this life for another better one. You may laugh and say O what a nut, but I’m telling you, after experiencing the many Black-Light-Shows of Lucifer, after the many dreams of godhood by Lucifer, that stuff begins to get down into your spirit and you begin to feel this sense of godhood apart from God. This knowledge that Lucifer claim would make one into a god is a powerful destructive drug, God help the person who gets him or herself caught up in Lucifer’s diabolical game of godhood apart from God.

What the occult does it get you to long for life outside the body, to be free from the restrains of physical life to free the soul to fly to other worlds. So now the person who this spirit of suicide had engulfed now begins to look up websites of people who have had near-death experiences. Now this person is not interested in the websites that reports the so-called negative experiences where those who have had a near-death experience where the being of light warned of judgement after death, they are interested only in the ones that says there is no judgement, all is forgiven, all is love. As we will see, this gospel that encourages suicide is also preached from many churches today.
his is stuff that is practice in King Solomon’s Temple, the temple through which god would rule the earth, but its defiled by the things of hell! Now let’s see if the third temple they is now in the planning stages and if its being build for the return of the lord of the arrivial of Satan.

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