Lucifer’s Latest Vicious Attack on My Life

Pre-tribulation Rapture Heresy

On April 8th 2015 I moved into what’s known as a transitional housing, I travel a lot at times and sometimes I need to stay in a city for two months at a time or more. Knowing that I’m not going to be in that city very long, it would make no since to go out and rent an apartment. One other way to go in doing this is to live in a hotel and eat out in restaurants which would be very expensive, so I knew I would have to go about it a different way than this. There’s another way I found where I could be where I need to be when I need to be there so I choose this third way. There is something called transitional housing for people who only needs to rent a place for a few months or less. Knowing I would only be in the city for a couple of months I rented a room in one of the transitional housing and along with the renter of the room would include three meals a day, cable and inter-net access.

Going about my travel in this manner would not cost nearly as much as it would the other two ways and would not put too great of a strain on my bank account. Now in deciding to take this route I knew from past experience that sometimes I would come into contact with people who have mental Illness, many times the hospitals would let a patient out and their first stop would be here. Also from my past travel and lodging in these places I knew that they do send recovering addicts there, but this is what my budget demands.

So I rented a room in this house and from the moment I walked on the property I was hit with many question on scripture and God, from the very first moments of my arrival. The spiritual leader [bible teacher] and one of his bible students were in an argument. I don’t remember the exact verse of scripture they were arguing about, but whatever it was they both had it twisted. I know the one thing the bible teacher had twisted was the fact that he knew the Holy Trinity to be a false doctrine. Before trying to teach his students bible doctrine there is a need for the teacher to be taught bible doctrine. But in the beginning I didn’t comment on this, I would rather get the teacher alone and prove to him through scripture that the Holy Trinity [the family of God] is bible doctrine.

But from his student I was hit with all kinds of questions on God, the will of God, God and riches, how to unite the bible and Cabalism. He was trying to convince me that God has evil in him because in certain verses of scripture there are things that God says he hates, like sin, from this he convinces himself that Gods must have evil within himself. So from the very start we were at odds with each other. He would be like waiting for me to come out and every morning so we could have discussions, me on goodness and purity of God and him on his belief that God is not all good but has evil within him, this is the basic Babylonian Kabalistic doctrine; that God is evil and ignorant and didn’t know there were other gods before him.

I could tell he really wanted these discussion, not necessarily to come to the truth, but to convince me of his way of seeing things or convert me to his religion, the New Age gospel of the Cosmic Christ, Satan. Now in these discussions there was never name calling or anger but two men rooted in their beliefs. In fact, many of these discussions were very stimulating because I had to be on top of my game because he was constantly trying to hit me with a new age doctrines and claim they are scriptural, a common practice of Luciferians. So I never had any problems with this guy because even though he didn’t agree with the things I was saying he would be always complimenting me on my bible knowledge and what he call my inner wisdom, so we always respected each in stating our case.

From time to time the bible teacher would come up with something that was not scripture, now none of this is in a bible class setting, but just in conversation. One of the topics that came up was on the Holy Trinity and one of his other things that he was convinced of is that if we warn the homosexual of their sinful ways that shows that we don’t love the homosexual and looks down on them. In doing this I don’t believe the bible teacher realize the terrible sin he’s committing, he telling the sinner that all Christians who warn him of sin hates him. What I could not make him understand is that you cannot have a sinner sit in your church for a year knowing that this man is a practicing drunk and never mentioning to him that a drunker shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. If this man dies after attending your church for a whole year and you never tell him that his sin will destroy his soul that man’s blood is on your hands.

This bible teacher told me that there is no need to warn the sinner of his sins because the sinners already knows what they are doing and they do not need to be reminded, just preach to them the love of God and never mentioning that the wages of sin is death. So they let the practicing homosexual sit in church and all his or her life and never warn them, a terrible position for any teacher or preacher to be in.

So I knew there were at least two areas that we needed to discuss, first is where he was getting his information and how reliable is his source. One of the first areas we needed to clear up is the Holy Trinity so to get things started in this arear I asked him to just read an article I had written on the Holy Trinity titled “The Family of God” and that would give us a good starting point. So I went and got my computer and pulled up my article and presented to him to read. He read a couple of paragraphs and said he needed to have this article on paper so that he and his postal could sit down together and go over it. He puts too much faith in his pastor, I told him to not depend on man for light on this but pray to God to show him the truth.

I told him that I didn’t have a printer at this time because I’m traveling as light as possible but he could take my computer and read it directly from there and keep it as long as it’s going to take for him to read it, but he continues to make excuses for why he couldn’t read from my computer but that he must have it on paper. Since at that moment I could not produce the article in paper form I would address another one of his issues and that is the source of his information, the New Age Bibles he’s using and the corruption in them. So I gave him a copy of another article I had written titled “BEWARE OF THE SCRIRES” once I finally got something into his hands to prove to him that he is poisoning his flock it is at this time that Lucifer’s anger when into over-drive!

I had asked the bible teacher to sit down with his pastor who he puts so much faith in and give me some feed-back on it. As to be expected his pastor never responded because they don’t want a conversation on this but want a flock that blindly follow their every word without any thought of their own and will never question anything the pastor says. Instead of the bible teacher getting back to me on the article, he got his bible class together and began teaching them, but as I passed [this bible class was outside] to go into the house he changed the subject and tells his students how some people needs to write and publish what they believe, but all he had to do was just listen to God who tells him what to say. So at that point his bible class was not about God but about me and him and he was using his bible class as a bully-pulpit. I would not disturb his bible class but after the bible class I went in to discuss this with him. He denied everything, but I could see in his reaction that he knew that I had him right.

Now I want to clear something up, I have nothing against this teacher because I do believe after spending about three months with this guy, I believe he truly wants to be used by God and do good works for God, I truly believe this. After trying to talk to the man and seeing just what he was using his bible class for I knew he had taken this to another level. I was stunned at his behavior because from the time I got there I stood in his defense. When others who didn’t like him because he was attempting to do the will of God would talk behind his back and call him hypocrite I would tell them at least this man is making an attempt, he’s trying but you make no effort to change things you are doing. I know what you are doing because we live in the same house. I would always stand in for him and he knew it, this that’s why I was so stunted by his actions in that bible class.

It was that day when I realize just what it is I’m now confronted with, the spirit that I’m going to have to do battle with, but I just didn’t know to what extent. In the teacher’s behavior I saw something that was totally different from our other talks, it had reached a new level. After I saw what the teacher did in his bible class, after his bible class was over while all was still present, I made a statement as I was passing; I stated in a loud enough voice for all to hear.

“Ya though I walked the valley and through the shadows of death, I will fear no evil for thy art with me.” [King David]

I knew at this point that I had ventured on Lucifer’s [Satan] sacred ground, infiltrated his camp and placed the truth in the hands of one his general’s. Lucifer’s anger is in over-drive! Till this day I have no ill feeling toward this teacher because I know this is spiritual warfare against spirit beings in high places that are many times manifest in the physical. But I knew that at this point something had changed and that my very life may be in danger, not from the bible teacher himself but from the prince of demons; Lucifer whose camp I had invaded! Now as this is happening I’m on the inter-net during battle with another Luciferian who claims that God is evil.

At this point I had completed my mission of getting the truth into the hands of the bible teach, but I knew that Lucifer was in a rage. So about two days after making the statement or quoting King David for all to hear the attack began, not from the bible teacher but from the physical warring branch of Lucifer’s kingdom, one of his assassins, Lucifer’s assassin attacked, this vicious attack on my life would start at this time.

As I stated before, I knew that there would be many kinds of people living in transitional housing. Some of the people living in these places are good people. You know, the place where no self-respecting Christian would go, but this is where the battle is, Lucifer’s strong hold. One of the very first persons I met was one who told me that he is diagnosed with schizophrenia, I got a real close look at this sickness and the more I obverse this guy the more I was convinced that this guy is under the influences demons, his every thought seem to be of corruption and I represented everything opposite of what he is. Now this guy had nothing to do with the bible classes, he couldn’t care less about what happens in the bible class, but still he was in Lucifer’s came during Lucifer’s will on the military front, to kill and destroy!! With this guy I must do physical battle or if not I believe I would have been responsible for not preventing a mass killing. Stay with me!
ince the time I moved into the house, and from what I hear even before I moved in he would threaten people with violence, anyone who would confront him about his threats. So from the time I moved in I would try to talk to the guy about how disrespectful and threating he was to others. He actually lived in the house next door, but once he entered our house no one could get any sleep or hear their own televisions, he spent more time at our house than his own. One night he came into our house in his threating mode talking and threating louder and with more definite of purpose in his demeanor. So I again tried to talk to the guy but the conversation became combative in tone, but in the end of that night he admitted that what he was doing to others was not right, so I thought we had made progress there.
Very early the next morning as soon as I walked out of my room he approached me and apologized for the night before, he would do this all the time, he would mess-up and I would show him the destructiveness of his behavior he would apologize and say he would do better. I told him to not bother about what happened the night before because that’s in the pass let’s just see if we can both do better today.

I was surprised at how one person can go from being one person in one moment to an entirely another person so fast and so often. Later that morning he and one of his good friends went somewhere on the bus, when he got back he was more evil than ever before. I don’t know what was discussed when they were gone, but after living with them both for three months I think I have a pretty-good idea of what was discussed. When he got back to the house his voice had much more authority in it. He seemed more like a man who is now about to carry out or make good on the threats he had been making before. This time when he enters the house he made the statement the he was going to get his gun and blow everyone’s brains out in this F---king house and this time you could hear in his voice that he meant what he was saying.

After making that threat he walks out the door and was gone for about fifteen minutes and when he returned he walked up to the guy he had been out with and said, this his words:

“see how God works, I went to call my friend to get the gun to blow everybody’s f---ing heads off but I can’t get in touch with him.”

So he now leaves again, this time he comes back talking about trying to buy a gun from the Pawn shop but because of his criminal record he couldn’t, he talking loud for all to hear. What do I do at this point? Do I just ignore him at this point like everyone else was trying to do or do I make an effort to stop what’s beginning to look like a possible mass killing that could include my own death at the hands of mad man? I knew I had to take action in some way so I walked to the manager’s apartment and knocked on his door, his wife answered and said that he wasn’t there and that he was in our house, my thoughts were, how could he be in our house and not hear the threats this guy was making or is he pretending to not hear him out of fear. As I walked back toward my house the mad man was sitting on a bench looking ever so evil with a folding knife in his hand, it was like a hunting knife with a black handle with a silver blade. We looked each other in the eyes, he says; you are telling on me? This guy is about seven inches taller than me and out waited me about at least fifty or sixty pounds.

After asking had I told on him he jumps up from his seat and started toward me with knife in hand, I had nothing, all I could do was to pick up anything I could find to throw at him to slow him down. I could find nothing but a couple cans that didn’t slow him, he was coming at me full steam ahead, slashing and stabbing! There was nothing I could do at this point but fight back with my fist because by now he was on me. I remember as he was swinging the knife I was punching, as we engaged in a life and death struggle, we somehow were standing side by side for a brief moment.

Standing side by side, my right shoulder making contact with his left shoulder, my right foot making contact with his left foot. When I notice this I knew it was an opportunity to create some better odds for myself. I took my right foot and kicked his left foot from under him. He fell backward to the ground and as he fell he pulled me down with him. We both fell backward to the ground in the exactly the same position we were in when we were standing, my right side in contact with his left side. At this point he had both hands free and the knife in his right hand, it was at this point that I realized that I was injured by the knife. But first, as we came to a landing on our backs on the ground it is here where the life and death struggle began. With both of us lying on our backs, the one who would out power the other and claim the dominant position over the other would be in a position to kill the other.

We struggled for a while in that horizontal position until I finally got the upper hand and over-powered him, I landed on top of him with his face down with the knife in his right hand and I’m on his back. I immediately placed my right knee on his right wrist that held the knife. Having secured the knife, I now placed my other left knee on the lower part of his spine, he knew that at this point the fight was over. From the pressure I applied to his wrist and spine he knew that there was no way out without a broken spine. With the proper pressure applied to the proper places, all he could do now is beg for mercy. He said if I drop the knife you are going to kill me!

I told him that if he drops the knife this instant I would not kill him, it wasn’t my intention kill the man but to subdue him and get him treatment. But as we were there talking I notice just how bad I was wounded from the knife to hand combat. That’s why I told him that if he drops the knife now I want kill him, but I could not continue with this struggle because I bleeding bad.

As I placed my left hand to lock down his left hand so he couldn’t swing it at me, I noticed that my thumb was nearly severed, I could see the first joint in the thumb where you bend it to make a fist was totally separated. It like when you get that perfect cut on the chicken when separating the leg from the thigh, right down the center of the point where the two bones meet, the knife cutting through without touching either bone. As I looked at my bones I realized that I never knew that bone was that white, so the thumb was totally useless in this struggle at this point along with the last two fingers of the left hand.

But I still used the left hand to secure his left arm, but as I stretched out my arm I became aware of a much more troubling sight, my left arm just above the elbow. There was a cut there about five inches long down to the bone, everything in its path sliced. I had never seemed the inside of my body like this before. Well he realized that it was he who was about to die instead of everyone else in the house. So he opened up his right hand and freed the knife, I picked up the knife with him still pined face down to the ground with his whole head and neck exposed to me with the knife now in my right hand, all I had to do was just stab wound and rip everything out of his throat in one motion, and everyone standing around was waiting for me to take this action, but I didn’t.

Now the wound from my left arm was gushing blood, the blood was now shooting out of my arms, I knew I had to stop the bleeding now or I would die before long. As everyone who was there waiting for me to go for the kill, I kept my promise to the man, that if he let go of the knife at that point I would not kill him. As I realized he didn’t want any more fight with me, he made a half-heart attempt to come my way, but soon rethought that and ran in the other direction. Everyone was asking, man why didn’t you kill him, there was no need to kill him, I wasn’t going to die, and he had just been humiliated before his friends, how could you let someone who you have just severely injured, a person smaller than you who had no weapon at any point disarmed you have you to have to beg for mercy?

My fight was not with the man but the evil being that has invaded the man’s soul. I know many men would be super proud of that moment and wear it as a badge of honor. It’s not about me taking the man’s life but that he may live and find Christ who can change any life. There is only one reason that that man is alive, and that’s because of Christ in my life, I hate to think what would have happened had I been drinking or drunk, he would be a death man. Now I went and looked at my decision to not take his life and came to the same conclusion, I did the right thing before God. I had the power of someone’s life or death in my hands and in the end made the right decision. Everyone asked the same question who witness this fight. Why didn’t you kill him?

The police finally came and began their investigation, after talking to those who witness the whole thing they came to the conclusion that I had been attacked without cause and had the right to kill him at that point and it would have been justified. Now this mad man the bible teacher wanted out of that house more than anything, the man had been there for years and no matter how hard the teacher prayed, the mad man stayed. Because of his mental condition and his longtime friendship with the owner, not the bible teacher, he thought he was untouchable, he could do anything he wanted to and no one could touch him. The bible teacher himself stated that this guy is the most powerful devil in the house.

I told the teacher that God can drive that devil and any other devil out permanently because there’s no devil too powerful for God to handle, but you must be properly connected to God. You can’t bad-mouth the family of God [the Holy Trinity] and expect to have that kind of power with God. Still convinced he had such great power with God he tries to claim that God sent me there to expel that devil from his house so he wouldn’t be injured in the process, but he quickly abandons that theory and admit that he had witnessed something very powerful here. Now the guy he refers to as the devil has been driven from his house and not allowed to ever go back, the one he wanted most to be gone but was powerless to do anything about. This guy [the mad man] is a powerful devil, I felt his power during our knife to fist combat. All devils don’t come with the same degree of power, this one was powerful!

Now after the bible teacher admitted he saw something powerful at work here I knew that my mission had been successfully completed, I had placed the truth in his hand at great cost and the Lord had driven that devil out of his house and now it was time for me to consider my next move. I had given the manager/bible teacher my 30-day notice that I would be leaving, this was two weeks before the attack. So while planning my move the police nocked on my door, this was three days after they had arrested the man for assault. The incident happened on Friday and the police was at my door to warn me that the man had been realized from jail. I was stunned! How is it possible that after committing such a crime could this man be back on the streets in such a short period of time?

I asked the police how this is possible, he answered that it is probably because of over-crowding. If that is the case, I would think they would let out the person with a non-violent crime. This man who’s stated goal was to go get a gun and come back and kill everyone in the house and tried to make good on that threat by starting with me. Now all this happened at a time when there was a mass killing in a church in South Carolina in which one of Lucifer’s hit men took the lives of nine innocent people. Before we could try to get some understanding another of Lucifer’s hit men open’s fire killing four unarmed Marines. Before we could get some clarity on that another man opens fire on people in a theater in Louisiana and intending to kill more.

My T.V. stays on CNN News in the daytime, I like to keep up with what’s going on in the world around me, so throughout all of this I’m seeing mass killings taking place and this man in the house is telling us he plans to do the same thing. As I’m witnessing all of this on CNN News they tell us that the majority of people who commit this type of crime suffers from the same type of sickness that this guy has. Their solution to this type of problem is to report anyone displaying this type of behavior and this is what I did, a dangerous act but a necessary one. For them to let this man out of jail knowing his many trips to prison and violent nature is unbelievable.

The doctors worked on me all night Friday into Saturday they finally discharged me and told me to report to my primary care doctor at the V.A. which was in another city.

So the next Friday I caught a Greyhound Bus to my next location, it was supposed take about 20 hours it took more than 30 hour of misery because Greyhound don’t employ enough drivers.

                                                                                 My Dark Night of the Soul

                                                   “My God, my God why has thou forsaken me?” [Jesus the Christ]

After the ordeal with Greyhound I finally arrived at my destination ten hours late, I decided that I would sit awhile in the morning sun so I spotted a park near the bus terminal and parked myself there for a while. As I sit there going over the events of the past week I began to feel a rumbling in my stomach. In the park I had taken a seat right next to the restrooms, I’ll never forget what happened there. As I sit there thinking about how Lucifer tried to kill me I felt no discomfort from my injuries, there was no pain but there was definitely something strange going on inside my stomach.

I have to use the restroom really bad, something I hate to do when it comes to the public restrooms, but this is an emergency. I had eaten all kinds of bad junk and fast foods since my injuries and at this point it had caught up with me. When I tried to use the restroom I knew right away that I was in trouble, all the junk food that I had been eating was trying to come out but there was a brick blocking its path, the pain of trying to relieve myself was becoming unbearable. Whatever pain I felt from the wounds I had suffered a week earlier was nothing compared to this pain I’m now feeling. In fact, I would have to admit that there was almost no pain at all do to my injuries.

From the time I made knife to hand combat, even as the mad man was slicing me I felt nothing, I saw the injuries but felt no pain. Even in the hospital the nurse walked up to me and said: “Sir you have a very high tolerance to pain, with the severity of your injuries and what the doctors are doing to you most people would be yelling out in pain” I’m amazed at how from start to finish [and today is about the tenth day since my ordeal] I still feel no pain from the injuries. I do believe that God in his mercy blocked that pain.
ut as I sat in that park the pain of constipation was unbearable, I sit there feeling that I was at death’s door, as I sit there I began to wonder, had I in somehow angered heaven for all these things to be happening to me, one problem after another, and this pain I’m now feeling seems like the pain of death. I ask, God what have I done for you to turn your back on me, “why has thou forsaken me” I believe that moment I was given a glimpse of what the Lord had felt when he uttered those words. Now I said that I was given a glimpse, I know I could never have felt what the Son of God felt that day on the cross, so I’m in no way saying that what I experienced that day in the park comes anything to what the Lord experienced. But in that brief moment all hope seem to be gone, but God did not leave me in that state long. God reminded me that during the process of my ordeal I was in a debate with a Luciferian and in that debate the Luciferian used Job’s ordeal to prove that God is evil. Because God allowed Lucifer [Satan] to test Job to see if Job would cuss God to his face.

I stood with Job and said what a great warrior he was for God, even after Lucifer turned all Job’s friends and wives against him, killed his children, Job stayed faithful to his God. I bragged about Job! So now if God has allowed Lucifer to bring all these things against me will I be brave like Job or go running and crying O’ poor pitiful me abandon by heaven or do I like Job would say tho you slay me, yet will I serve you. At that point the darkness began lifted. The Lord was beaten beyond recognition, stabbed in the side, nailed to a tree and the reason he allowed himself to be treated this way is because he love me. Who am I to question the Lord, if the Lord did allow Satan to test me I pray for the courage and faith of Job, I will not cuss God to his face, Lucifer you are a liar and a deceiver and you have again failed in your attempt on my life!

My dark night of the soul is over, as I’m writing this I just today have been relieved of the pain of constipation that I thought was about to end my life, I’m now sitting in the park, stress and pain-free and the day is beautiful, thank you Father! This place I call the dark night of my soul is a terrible place to be in, when the servant of the Lord looks to heaven and ask, why have you forsaken me? That can be a very dangerous place, it’s a place of total anguish. But thanks be to God it only lasted for a very short period of time.

When the Lord says a devil is evicted, he’s evicted no matter how powerful that devil may be, now the devil who thought he was untouchable has now been touched by the power of God. Now the bible teacher/manager can conduct his bible studies in a much better environment. Now I know that the bible teacher is deceived in his doctrine, but as I said before I believe he truly desire to be used of God in a powerful way. So I did my part in putting the truth in his hands now it’s up to him to accept or reject it. I can go no further than this with him, but I believe that if he truly desires the Lord the way he appears to, I know the Lord can reach him even in the confusion of his false doctrine. So I will not knock his bible classes at this time but pray that God would show him the true light.

As I sat in the park wondering if I was about to die a horrible death and wondering if I had sinned against heaven I went over all that I had written and published. I could find no deception in my work, every event was true as I remembered them. I could find nothing that I had done that would cause heaven to abandon me. So at this point a Park Ranger walked up to me said good morning and inquired about my injuries. I explained to him what had happened, and he asked the same question, why didn’t you kill him? I replied that the man was already defeated and humiliated and on top of that he was evicted from his strong-hold and his plans to kill everyone in the house had been spoiled. If I stood before God to give an account of my actions and God ask me why did you take the man’s life, what do I say, I killed him because I was mad at him?

The Ranger replies; you must have great faith in your God because I would have killed the man. I told him that I know and if I had not been in Christ I would have done the same. The Ranger was a Jew that showed truly great concern for my injuries and told me if I needed anything to not be too stubborn or too proud to ask because he said, I can see that you are stubborn. He went on to clear something up for me about the pain I was experiencing, he asked what type of pain medicine I was given, I told him they gave me Tylenol with Codeine in it, he said that that’s probably source of your constipation, that’s a side effect of codeine. I believe where I erred is when I took the very first codeine tablet when there was no pain from my injuries. I woke about 2: am and felt a little pulse thumping in my hand and said to myself that I need to take this pill just in case the pain is trying to start up.

I think I showed a lack of faith when I took the pill because the God that kept the whole experience an almost painless one he could just have easily kept that pain away permanently. So my dark night of the soul may have been a self-afflicted one. In any case the talk with the Ranger and my going back over the debate I had with the Luciferian began to cause the night to be lifted. Lucifer struck me in the heel as the bible foretold, but it also states that Lucifer’s head has been crushed by my brother and Lord Jesus the Christ.

Today I’m feeling great the doctor said my arm and thumb seems to be heeling find but they may have to operate on my little finger because I can’t bend it. The doctor also said that I saved my own life by the quick action I took in stopping the blood that was pumping out of arm. Lucifer threw his best punch ever but like all the others it failed to accomplish his goal because still I rise and he has been defeated. If this demon possessed man that the law freed decides to make good on his promise of mass killing, God forbids, it will be the fault of the authorities who had the chance to put him away, to see that he gets the proper treatment they claim would help him, but instead they turned him loose on society.

Now I’m wondering what good is it report to someone to authorities who are showing this type of behavior when they just ignore it. Had this man been able to get his hands on a gun instead of a knife I hate to think what might have happenedin that house.

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