Just the title of this book seems to introduce contradiction into the discussion. To say that there is such a thing as black light may be a bit hard to believe, but there’s a black light that’s blacker than the blackest night, a light that leads to hell. Science tells us that black is the absence of light, that there’s no light in blackness. That in total darkness [blackness] we can see nothing at all.
Jesus gave a somewhat different meaning to the properties of light, Jesus said:

"The light of the body is the eye: If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light: but if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!" [Matt 6:22-23] KJV

Jesus confirms that there is a light called darkness, and He adds; that darkness can run very deep. This darkness, this Black Light masquerade as the White Light! This Black Light was created by the White Light and once radiated the Pure White Light of its creator. This Black Light once singed the praises of its creator throughout creation. This Black Light once ruled over angels in heaven. This Black Light had everything going for it; it was the most beautiful of all God’s creations. This Black Light’s name was originally Lucifer, whose very name means light. Lucifer’s friends and followers calls him ‘The Light Bearer" but as we shall see, his light leads to death and hell.

This Black Light has always held an attraction for mankind, the main attraction for mankind to this Black Light is its ability to deceive and convince him that he [man] is God, it all boils down to that! This was the big downfall of Lucifer, he wanted to be like God; he envied the Son of God Jesus the Christ! This lust to sit as God is passed on to all who falls under its spell. All who falls under this spell of Lucifer see themselves as Gods [divine] and above all mankind in wisdom and knowledge in all things. Those who fall under this spell elevate themselves above others by giving themselves names and titles like:

Illuminati, Ascended Masters, Physic Healers, etc. names and titles that places them above others as Gods!This Lucifer has just about convinced the whole world that he is God; this Black Light has blanketed the world with blasphemy, degenerate filth, and a view that says I do as I please and give account to no one, there is no God besides me, because I AM the I AM, the I AM presences and I are one, therefore "I AM!" These are they who call themselves Illuminati and Ascended Masters, the Black Light Bearers of Lucifer. These Black Light Bears are evangelizing the world for Lucifer which leads to a world of death and destruction.

These Black Light Bearers has infiltrated most every home in the world and just about every Christian Church and has completely swallowed-up the Entertainment Industry. Luciferians, and I mean all religions that do not worship the God of the Bible and His Son must worship Lucifer, there is no other. There’s only the Lord Jesus Christ and Lucifer aka Satan the snake! In this book, we will identify this Black Light as Lucifer. This black Light is responsible for all the wars that have ever been fought from the beginning of the world until this very day. This Black Light is responsible for every baby born sick, every cancer cell in existence. This Black Light is taught in our schools, in our universities, in our churches and all across the media. This Black Light is also known as:
                                            THE BEAST OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION
I was born and raised in New Orleans La. I was raised in an alcoholic family, even though most were alcoholics they had a strong belief in God, the only member of my family that wasn’t an alcoholic was my grandmother, she never drank or smoke. It was her who started me out in the word of God, for that I will be forever thankful to her! I do believe she had the best intention to serve God when she first started out. Somewhere down the line she was caught up in Spiritism, started her own spiritual temple [First King Solomon Spiritual Temple].

I grew up in this temple and it had a profound effect on my life. I never saw any satanic rituals or anything like that; what I did see was someone overly concerned with the spirit world. Even though she was caught up in the occult I never heard her or any other religious members of my family ever deny Jesus and his saving blood, in fact it was always taught to me that it is the blood of Jesus that saved man kind and nothing but the blood. She did not heed the warning of the Lord about trying to make contact with the spirit world there by being deceived by these evil fallen angles. This desire to peep into the spirit word was passed down to me, and I peeped big time and was caught up. What started out as a curious investigation into the spirit world turned into an obsession! I had gotten so deep into the occult that spirits were hanging around me; one would even get in bed with me at night, it never did anything to me but I would feel it in the bed would just as you would feel if there was a physical human being in the bed with you moving, I would feel the bed sink down when it got in bed with me. I had to tell someone about what was happening to me so I told my brother who never believe in anything including Jesus, boy did he laugh at me.

Then one night he came to the bar I was managing trembling, hand shaking totally frighten I had never seen him like this before. After a while I got him to settle down and tell what the problem was. He said; Roy, man I was in my room watching TV, I had my door open so I could see directly into your room and I know for sure there was nobody in that room, yet there was something or someone moving around in your bed, he said man I sorry I didn’t that was happening to you. Not only him but there were others that knew that spirits were following me around, that’s how deep I went into the occult, all because I did not heed the warning of the lord to stay away from spirit contact. What started as an investigation almost destroyed my soul! The thing that saved me was that early up bringing in the bible, I hate to think of what would have happen had I not had the bible to fall back on. Even though grand-mom was caught up in the occult and cause me to get caught up in it, I will always be grateful to her for placing the word of God in my hands at such an early age!

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