Devils in the Pulpit

Pre-tribulation Rapture Heresy

       The Sexually Perverted Spirit in the Church

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the Apostles of Christ" And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore, it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." [2 Corin 11:13-15].
Not only is Satan capable of transforming himself into a being of light [Lucifer] but his human agents can also come across as workers of righteousness deceiving others with the Black Light of Lucifer. Many people just don’t realize the power that homosexual’s controls, this powerful group once had the whole Western world bowing before them in terrible fear. When they were in control there was nothing that could stand in their way, and they were cruel and merciless to all whom would not fall in line behind them. This powerful group set up kings and knocked them off their thrones, the leader of this group even exalt himself above God. This powerful group had a great hatred for the things of Christ. There’s no doubt that many leaders of this group were homosexual and perverted, it wasn’t just a few priests gone bad; this is the culture of this group.

This powerful group has its throne in Rome, but their power reached all across Europe and now has just about conquered the Americas. This powerful group has been identified by the Word of God as "A Woman Riding the Beast!" Most just see this beast as the Pope and his satanic church, but it comprises much more. To see the real authority behind this powerful body we need to go to the word of God tells us exactly who is the power behind them:

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" [Eph. 6:12] KJV

The power behind this group is a wicked spirit according to the word of God, this wicked spirit like all wicked spirits perverts the things of God. This wicked spirit is very powerful, so if one plans to claim the ladder of success he better not speaks against this beast. The Lord says people will not be able to buy or sell, all who doesn’t receive this beast’s mark. Now this isn’t something that takes place in the future, its taking place not before our very eyes, we are witnessing the fulfillment of bible prophecy now:  
"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." [Rev 13:17] KJV

I don’t believe this verse of scripture means that we will not be able to buy food and basic necessities, at least not at the beginning of its rise to power, the very place we’ll at now. Right now, if you say anything negative about this beast you had better go crawling on hands and knees and beg its pardon, you see it played out constantly in the media. You can slander the Son of God and make jokes about him, you can call yourself Jehovah and make filth-filled videos mocking Him, you can make all kind of black joke that bring all in the audience to side splitting laughter, but the minute you make any kind of joke about the homosexual, everything stops instantly. You know this is true because it’s in your face constantly! Who’s been more discriminated against in the western world than blacks? No one race has ever been abused by western powers as the black race, but we can laugh at their plight but we better not laugh at the beast’s homosexuals or the beast will make you pay.

After anyone makes a joke about the homosexual it’s all over the media instantly, all laughter is over, the powerful beast is angry. You know this is true because they make sure you get the point, now once a celebrity makes the miss-take of insulting the homosexual you see them crawling back on hands and knees begging for forgiveness. There just one thing that make these gods of the people humiliate themselves to this point, they know they will not be able to buy and sell.

They are reminded that if you want to keep living in that $10.000000 home you’ll living in, if you want to keep living the High Life you had better go and kiss the beast’s feet before the world, and it will be a public spectacle! They have just received a mark of the beast; they have been bought and paid for by the power of the Beast. All are discriminated against by this beast, but none better discriminate against the beast. You can’t tell me that all these male athletics are comfortable in the shower room with other men eying them as if they want to have sex with them. Please don’t try to tell me that they are not eyeing other men in the showrooms with lust in their eyes. They can’t even wash their own butts for their eyes-balling and sizing up every naked man in that shower room.

My rights are being denied by this beast, I’m not comfortable with another man looking up my butt with sexual desire, I feel violated, should not there be a heterosexual only shower room? What about my rights? The homosexual is no longer a man, nor is he woman; shouldn’t he have a restroom for his kind and his kind only? He gets to live out his fantasy at the expanse of the rights of others. It’s like the heterosexual man having the right to shower with the lust of his heart, showering with a shower room full of naked woman. That would be many heterosexual men dream, but is unheard of, so what makes the homosexual so special that he or she can do what no one else can? This is unjust and discriminatory and the violation of the rights of the heterosexual, there is no right in any of this.

America has lost all sense of moral values; it’s like when they claim this to be the land of the free and all the while holding a whole race of human beings in brutal slavery. When will the hypocrisy end America, never! The homosexual movement discriminates against all heterosexual but always claiming that their rights are being violated, what about my rights America? I was violated because I’m black, now I’m being violated because I’m heterosexual, come Lord Jesus, come quickly, your children are being destroyed by this world of Lucifer! You can’t tell me that this is hate speech; all I’m asking for is to be treated fairly by the country that I served! Put a third restroom in place so the homosexual can have their own restrooms, that the only fair thing to do, and you know that’s right!

I was in a debate with some in the homosexual community, they tried their best to label me a bigot, trying to deny me the right to worship as I see fit. Now in this debate I tried to understand their situation about being discriminated against. I was asked: if I were president and the homosexual were given the right to marry would I accept that, I answered: if it was the vote of the people that put me in office and that same vote of the same people says it’s alright for two men to marry, then I would have to abide by the wishes of the people and let them marry, but I would have to step down from that position because it goes against my conscience and my understanding of what marriage is all about.

My understanding of marriage is that it has a purpose and a very important one at that, the most important one of all, to produce others in God’s image, children of God! Does this make me a bigot? I don’t agree with the pimping lifestyle; does this mean I’m a bigot? I was asked if I believe it’s alright if the gay couple have the right to the same marital right of the heterosexual, I replied, if the law of the land states that this is their right, let them have their rights, but as for me and mines, I want nothing to do with it because it’s not natural for a man to have sexual desire for other men, they have the same sexual equipment, I can’t make sense of it so it’s not for me.

For this they tried to label me a bigot, now I did not deny them any rights that I enjoy, I said let them have their rights as American citizens. There are laws of the land and there are laws of God and the law of God states that sex is to be between a man and a woman who has the proper equipment to produce those in God’s image, two men cannot! How can I go against my own conscience and claim I see no problem with this relationship just to please others? This is what the bible calls "friendship with the world being enmity with God" to have friendship with the world, a world that the homosexuals are coming to full power in, a world in which one must deny Jesus Christ or they are no friend of this world.
They even make minsters deny the Christ before the before world, and every person that claim to find nothing wrong with the homosexual lifestyle and admit this before the world has called Christ a bigot, who says this lifestyle is an abomination! You cannot be a friend of the world and a friend of Jesus Christ, one calls evil, evil, the other calls evil good, a Mark of the Beast! I do not hate homosexual they human’s in God’s image, but they have corrupted that image for unnatural sexual desire. No, you cannot have my soul, I will not deny the Lord Jesus Christ and call him a bigot just to be accepted by the world, the homosexual lifestyle goes against the clear teachings of the word of God!

This is the power of the beast; Lucifer, and the devils in the pulpits of the apostate church are leading the charge to bring this beast to full power. There’s no way to separate the devils in the pulpits of apostate Christianity Churches, the Homosexual Movement and the "Woman Riding the Beast’ form each other because they are all one and the same. Remember, the beast is not controlled by the Pope or any other physical being, but by a wicked spirit in a high spiritual office, a file and sexually perverted evil spirit being. These people are slaves to a very evil and deadly slave master; this slave master in the end leads them to both physical and spiritual death. There’s no way of stopping this beast’s rise to power, there’s only one who have the power stop this beast once it come into full power, that one is the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ:

"And the beast which I saw was like a leopard, and his feet were like those of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave him his power and his throne and great authority. I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast; they worshiped the dragon because he gave his authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, "Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with him?" [Rev 13:2-4]

Notice that this beast at one time received a fatal blow [this is not the fatal blow to the beast that was healed in Revelation which was the Jewish beast] but still the Protestant Reformation did strip this beast’s power.  If it’s anyone this powerful beast is going to be most angry at after its resurrection is the one who delivered the fatal blow that killed it in the first place. Who killed this beast? It was a true Christians that started the fall of this beast.

Martin Luther, one of the beast’s own solders turn on them, and turned his face toward the true God and God used him mightily in delivering the fatal blow to this beast.
Who do you think this beast is going to go after when it come into full power? The church that delivered the first fatal blow, it’s full of rage against the true Church of Christ! It wants no friendship with this church, it wants no compromise, and it will have nothing less than the full destruction of the Church of Christ. The Lord warned us that we cannot stop this beast’s rise to power, because it has the whole world as its backers:

"And the dragon was angry with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. And the dragon stood on the sand of the seashore." (Revelation 12: 17 - Revelation 13:]

Now let’s take a look at the devils in the pulpits of the churches of apostate Christianity, the other arm of the Beast of Revelation. It is this branch of the beast that will be held most responsible for the persecution of the Church of Christ and will pay the greatest cost.
                                                                                       Check out the video below:

That was a pitiful display; these devils in the pulpits all make the same argument that the sin of homosexuality is no worse than any other sin. I’m going to play this foolish game with them, let’s assume they are right in their assessment of this, it only condemns them even more. They admit that homosexuality is a sin, so we must determine what sin is according to the word of God. The word God says no drunkard, no fornicator, no thief, no murderer; no adulterer, no man that sleeps with another man will enter the Kingdom of Heaven because the wages of sin is death!

Now by their own admission, the sin of homosexuality is equal to these other sins that lead to death and destruction. God told His disciples to go and preach this gospel to the world, that non-repentance will destroy their souls. This sin will land them in hell where God destroys both soul and body, they are without excuse. Knowing that God said the sinner must repent or he would lose his souls, God told them to go out and warn his people. But these devils in the pulpits refuse to obey God’s command and refuse to warn God’s children of this coming destruction, and God loses his children to destruction because these pitiful weak sons of Lucifer never warn God’s people:

Joel Olsten admits it’s a sin and yet he refuses to inform his congregation of the wages of sin because he doesn’t like to dwell on the negative. Because he doesn’t like to dwell on the negative his congregation must pay the wages of sin, which is death! What you may not have notice in this video above is that it’s the beast is calling him out; there will be no closet worshipers of this beast. Just as the Christian must openly declare that Jesus is Lord, the beast’s worshipers must openly serve him. Worship of this beast means denying Christ! And the devils in the pulpits are denying the word of God, both written word and the word made flesh. Don’t these people know that when they deny the written word they also deny the fleshly word Jesus Christ?

Did you notice that she said that they have this same conversation with every pastor that comes on that show? They make them deny Christ before the whole world, when they refuse to warn the congregation of the wages of sin, they deny Christ who said the wages of sin is death. Never have I heard them say that they obey Christ and warn his people, these devils in the pulpits doesn't try to hide the fact that they refuse to warn God’s people that the wages of sin is death, they tell you out-right that they refuse to obey Christ because they don’t like to dwell on the negative. In fact, what they are saying is that Jesus is a negative God and they want no part of his doctrine.
They are without excuse! This is the power of the beast; we are witnessing prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes! He has already denied Christ, and is on the verge of committing blasphemy, he’s calling good evil and evil good, and he obeys the beast and disobeys God! This is the power of the homosexual movement, to make a man deny God for a few moments of the High life and to be accepted by the world. Joel is without excuse! This is the power of the homosexual movement and Lucifer its leader, to make a man forfeit his eternal hesitance for few moments of the high life.

There’s no stopping this beast, it will rise to full power, but it will rule for only a short period of time, then it must face the Son of God. You know that they are apostate because this Son of God was beaten beyond recognition, nailed to a tree, stabbed in his side, and for what? Because this same beast also said back then that He was a negative God who would not let them have any fun, He was too strict, they wanted their freedom to sin as much as they please and give account to no one.

Jesus preached repentance and paid for it with his life, the disciples did the same with the same results. Jesus warned people that the wages of sin is death, because of that this beast hates him with great passion. How is there any difference between what the devils in the pulpits are doing today than the devils that killed Christ, when they find the same offense in Christ as those who blasphemy and killed Him? This is the same beast that murdered the Son of God! That was then, that time He came as the sacrificial lamb he did not fight back. But now he comes as a conquering lion, to once and for all destroy the power of this beast.

Now this movement can discriminate against the heterosexual, they call us all kind of terrible names; one of the worse is bigot. If I’m accursed of something, Mr. Obama, doesn’t your laws states that I have a right to face my accusers and defend myself against their accusations? Mr. Obama, why are you denying me my right to a fair hearing? You deny me the right to a fair hearing when you call me and Christ bigots because I stand and defend myself against my accusers! America why are you denying me the right to a fair hearing?
America, you claim to be the beacon of hope to an unjust world, you claim justice for all, it time you live up to your promise and give justice to the heterosexual! Mr. Obama, if I’m a bigot for standing and facing my accusers, what does that make you for denying me the rights that your laws states are mine? But this is the power of the Beast! God help me, I’m in the belly of the beast! Mr. Obama, how are you any different from the Republican Party? They discriminate against people that are black, you discriminate against people who refuse to bow-down to a perverted spirit, because they are heterosexual, how are you any different than they, Mr. Obama?

Now watch as another of the beast’s religious agents dangle himself over the abyss of blasphemy. Check out the utube video below:

Rick Warren says it wouldn’t bother him a bit if they found a homosexual gene in man. Think about that, if science claim they found a homosexual gene in man [and they will make the claim] that suggest that God created the homosexual as he is and if God created the homosexual to be homosexual than we must accept him as he is, as a gift from God. But wait, doesn’t Mr. Warren preach that God hates sin? Mr. Warren out of one side of his mouth says God hates sin and out of the other side he says it wouldn’t bother him if they found a homosexual gene in man, meaning God created the very sin that He hates. This is calling God the creator of evil or an evil creator; he’s dangling himself over the abyss of blasphemy!

Now I agree with Mr. Warren that there is the possibility that one can be born with homosexual tendencies, but where we differ is that Mr. Warren is about to the place the blame on God, I place the blame on the parents. God says the baby is full of sin from the day it’s conceived. The word says we are born in iniquity and shaped in sin! The two parents that produced the sin filled baby pass their sins to the child before the child is even born. This sin in the baby was not put there by God, but passed on to the baby by the parents because it shares the sins of the parents. Mr. Warren is boarding on the verge of blasphemy!

The beast is calling Mr. Warren out, there will be no closet worshipers of this beast, either Jesus is Lord and His word is true, or the god of this world [Lucifer] is their lord, it must be declared openly. The beast is calling them out, no closet worshipers here!
                                                                                     Born in Iniquity and Shaped in Sin

I have tried to talk with some homosexual because according scripture it’s my duty. Some I can have a civil conversation with on the subject and others I can’t. Some struggle with it, and others don’t, I learned early that the ones who have accepted homosexuality as normal it’s like impossible to have a rational conversation because it usually turns to hurt feelings and insults. But to the ones that know there’s something not right with what they are doing, they can sometimes be reasoned with to some extent.  

I’m not publishing this information to get into a whole bunch of name calling that because solves nothing. But when talking to the ones I could talk with, I found a large percentage of them claimed to be born that way and were convinced of it. I couldn’t understand it, so I needed to take a closer look into the word of God, and to see what I could find so I would be better equipped to better minster to those who felt a need to do something about their situation, who felt that something just wasn’t right with what they were doing.
The first scripture I came across was in Genesis:
"Each seed would produce after its own kind" [Gen 1:11]

That included the seed in man. I guest like most of us I understood this to mean two horses wouldn’t produce a cow. Two dogs wouldn’t produce a cat etc. That’s the physical aspect of it. But I had never looked to the spiritual level, but man is also spirit. Would that same law apply to the spirit seed of man? So, I started thinking, I know what you’ll probably thinking, everybody quick hit the deck, Roy’s been thinking! But I couldn’t help thinking that I might have been overlooking some very important verse of scripture on the subject. Does the Word say anything about the children suffering for the sins of their parents? Lo and behold there it was right there in the bible!

"The Lord is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, forgiving iniquity and transgression, but will by no means clears the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the father on the children, to the third and fourth generation." [Numbers 14:18]

Now I’m really thinking; what else have I missed? Then I remember seeing that very same thing in everyday life, where the children suffer for the sins of their father, or mother. Take the poor child that is born addicted to crack cocaine, is that child not suffering for the sins of its parents or parent? For the father that goes out on payday and party and gamble the money away, and the family is evicted from their home, are those children not suffering for the sins of their fathers? You might be surprise at the number of families that are living in missions because the parents smoked and drink up all the money. I know because I spent a many night in missions during my rebellious years. So now that I see that the children do suffer for the sins of their fathers, what other kind of evils can the father pass on to their children? Time to go back to scripture and do some more digging! So now I come to King David:
                                             "Behold I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me." [Psa 51:5]

So, David is saying that he’s product of the sin that was in his father, and the sin that in his mother. Keep in mind that each seed produces after its own kind, physical or spiritual, David went on to prove this law to be true. What was David’s major sin, and downfall? Was it not the lust for a woman, to the point where he had her husband killed? Whatever was in David was passed on to Solomon. And what was Solomon’s downfall? It was the same as his father's the lust for the woman. Solomon had it so bad that he had to a thousand women that caused his decent into devil worship.

Let’s take this a step further; a man is in the act of dropping a seed, and let’s says that the man is bisexual, he’s with a woman now, but he still lusts after men. His seed being the product of what he is, it just seems illogical that his essence would not be in that seed, both physical and spiritual. I wonder if I’m the only one guilty of this observation. I know a guy, I don’t know if he’s actually homosexual or not, but one thing’s for sure, he has some very feminine ways. He has a son that is the spitting image of him. People were always commenting on how he was just like his father. And I mention to some friends that the kid was definitely like his father even down to his girlish ways, all agreed the kid had very feminine ways.

At this time, the kid was only about seven or eight years old. I don’t even think at his age he was even thinking about sex, but who he was, was stamped on him. But maybe I’m the only one that have witness something like that, but I doubt it.
"Each seed produces after its own kind!"

Now I’m not justifying homosexuality, it’s a sin, but maybe it was the sins of their father that caused it. I’m just trying to under the matter, because I just don’t understand how a man would want to be with another man, and pass up all those beautiful mamas’ out there. But I now think it’s a possibility that some are born that way, at lease with those tendencies. There are so many things we just don’t understand.

Now there’s the other kind that I’ve talked with, who once loved women, and said they had no desire for a man. And these are the ones all my heterosexual freaky friends out there need to take notice of. Some in this other group told me that they would never be satisfied with normal sex, they were always trying something new, and wound up trying the wrong thing, this group just went from lust to lust.

The problem is that lust can never be satisfied. That is the nature of lust! Lust uncontrolled always lead to ruins. A good example of unchecked lust is with money, there are athletes making 40 and 50 million dollars a year and more. The young Hip Hoppers use to call this stupid money. They are living in mansions, children going to the best schools, eating in the best restaurants, traveling the world. They have the very best this world has to offer, and yet they get busted for selling drugs. When is enough, enough? When it comes to lust, never!

One reason I try to understand these matters and the people I sometime come into contact with that are experiencing them is to be better equipped to witness, without first throwing a lot of scripture at them. The scripture must come, but there’s timing to everything. First, I wanted to learn to approach people the way I wanted to be approached when I was in my addiction. The ones that got my attention were the ones that didn't approach with an attitude of spiritual superiority, most of the time I knew scripture better than them.
The ones that would get me to listen were the ones who came down to my level. The ones that admit that they themselves, have had some type of sin problem they had to struggle with, this person I would listen to because we shared something in common. I knew that person could understand my situation. But the ones that approach me with the attitude that they were holy and had no sin, and never had to struggle with some addictions, and I don’t just mean drugs and sex, we just couldn’t click.

When Jesus talked about sin He talk about more than drugs, sex and stealing! I notice that when some people would come to help to poor lost sinner, some of the guys would say; oh man here come so and so, and would shut down. They might listen but there was no true communication. But another would come with the same message, but everyone listens, there was two way communications. The difference was one approached knowing he was a sinner saved by Grace, the other approached with a holy than thou attitude. One was effective the other wasn’t!

So, I decided that when God did free me, and I knew He would if I humbled myself and not be rebellious in my time of disciplining, I would try to use the most effective means to reach the one I was trying to reach. So, when the homosexual issue came up and I kept hearing that some were born that way, I knew if this were true there must be scripture evidence of it. I’m not saying what I found in scripture is proof that some are born with these tendencies, but that there is the possibility that I might have been wrong all these years about this. Now in no way am I justifying that lifestyle, but that I now might be more incline to listen and maybe I’ll show more patience when I witness to the homosexual that feel that what he’s doing is going against his manhood and not his fault because he was born that way.

I want to help not just to win an augment. To the one who’s alright with what he’s doing at some point I must leave him where he’s at. The one thing I learned in my addiction, and I think most who have escaped it learned is that no help is possible as long as the person doesn’t see what he or she are doing as wrong. I can talk to my lips swell up, but it’s The Holy Spirit who convicts. Having taken the time to try to understand the homosexual’s situation, I must now take care of the business of why we are communicating to begin with, and that is to find the solution to his problem, to those who see it as a problem. Having done all we can to understand we must now get down to business. Well-meaning Christians some time go a little over board in trying not to offend the homosexual by altering scripture. They use an often-repeated line. God hate the sin, but love the sinner. This taken out of context can lead the sinner to believe that God would save him in his sin, instead of from his sin. God anger is direct at the sin and the sinner. How can you separate the sin and sinner? They are one and the same; God will destroy the sin with the unrepentant sinner. When using that often-repeated line, try to explain the meaning. Try to understand, but be firm.

You make be asking yourself [as I did] how could a person who claim to love God stand before the world and deny the Word of God, Jesus Christ? When you deny the written Word of God, you denied the Son of God who is the Word of God made flesh. The reason many of these people are denying God is because of where they were educated in the things of God. They go to the enemy’s camp to learn of God, how can they go to Lucifer to learn of the things God? They go to Satan’s schools of wisdom for their wisdom [which is not wisdom, but wizardry] Lucifer whispers in ears, eat of this fruit that has been sent to the wine press of higher learning, you will become wise; you shall be as the gods! It’s the universities, the bible school of Lucifer where these doctrines of devils are taught!

God says that once we people eat of this forbidden fruit that has been sent to the wine press of Satan’s Schools of Higher Learning; they go mad and deny the God of Heaven! "Believing themselves to be wise, they become fools." This powerful group, the combination of devils in the pulpits [Luciferians] and the Homosexual Power Movement has taken over the church and has seated Lucifer on the Throne of Christ and they will rise to power for a short period of time. Now the way the Luciferians have done this is by changing the word of God as we saw in chapter eight.  

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